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Unlicensed / Unregistered Firearm Offences

In NSW, a number of different licence categories are provided for in the Firearms Act 1996. Each category of licence confers certain authority on the licensee to possess and/or use certain firearms for a stated purpose. a “possess unlicensed firearm” charge occurs when no licence has been issued to a person possessing or using a firearm, or when the firearm is possessed or used outside the scope of the licensee’s license.

The Firearms Act provides that an application is to be made for the registration of a firearm to the Commissioner who enters the particulars of the firearm and the person in whose name the firearm is registered into the Register of Firearms. a “possess unregistered firearm” charge occurs when the particulars of a firearm has not been entered into the Register of Firearms because of a failure by the owner to notify the Commissioner.

If you have been charged with an unregistered or unlicensed firearm offence, we recommend that you seek legal advice promptly so that you can properly determine your options. Our lawyers are highly experienced in criminal law and they will be able to ascertain the strength of the prosecution case against you and the legal options available to you.


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