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Traffic Law

Armstrong Legal has a dedicated and experienced team of specialist traffic lawyers who are committed to dealing with all aspects of traffic law. Traffic law is a complex area of law, involving a number of different pieces of legislation. It is important to retain a lawyer who has a complete understanding of these complex laws and regulations and the way in which traffic matters are dealt with by the courts.

Some of the key pieces of traffic law legislation in New South Wales are:

  • Road Transport Act 2013:
  • Road Rules 2014;
  • Fines Act 1986;
  • Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017;
  • Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2017;
  • Road Transport (General) Regulation 2013
  • Heavy Vehicle National Law

Increased use of mobile speed cameras, advances in number plate recognition technology and the use of Random Breath and/or Drug Testing units, traffic-related offences are becoming more common. Whether you have received an infringement notice and want to elect to have the matter dealt with in court, have been charged with serious traffic offences or are facing a licence suspension because of the accumulation of demerit points, our friendly team of traffic lawyers is here to help you.

Armstrong Legal understands that your licence is very important to you. Whether you are a professional driver, or someone who relies on their licence to facilitate their families every day needs we understand the value of your licence. When choosing a firm to represent you in a traffic law matter, it is imperative that you are careful to select a firm that understands these laws and has experience in dealing with them.

Our traffic lawyers are experienced representing clients in the Local Court and will give you thorough and clear advice as to the strength of the case against you, what penalties the court could impose, the court process and any options that are available to you for keeping your licence.

If you would like assistance, advice or representation in a traffic law matter, contact the traffic lawyers at Armstrong Legal today.

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