Penalty Units

In Queensland, legislation and regulations prescribe a Penalty Unit as a form of punishment. Penalty units are a set amount of money used to calculate a fine for an offender. As of June 2018 in Queensland, the penalty unit value is $130.55.

To convert a penalty unit into a fixed dollar amount, simply multiply the value of 1 penalty unit ($130.55) by the number of penalty units set for that crime. For example, if a person were charged with driving while disqualified, a maximum of 60 penalty units would apply. To convert the penalty units into a dollar amount: 60 x 130.55 = $7,833. Therefore, the maximum fine for the offence would be $7,833.

Legislation and regulations provide an equivalent jail sentence if an offender does not have capacity or is unwilling to pay an imposed fine. A judge or magistrate may also activate a prison term if it is a more suitable punishment.



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