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Commercial Law

Civil and commercial law encompasses a wide variety of legal issues and a variety of types of litigation. Armstrong Legal has teams of experienced and committed civil and commercial lawyers in each of our offices. Our lawyers have expertise in all areas of civil and commercial law. We can assist you with debt recovery, employment law, commercial and residential leasing disputes, contractual disputes, insolvency and bankruptcy, and commercial litigation. No matter how big or small your civil or commercial matter is or whether you need assistance as an individual or on behalf of your company our lawyers are here to help.

When commencing litigation in a civil or commercial matter, it is important to determine which court or tribunal the matter should be heard in. This will be determined by the nature of the legal problem, the amount of money that is involved and the geographical location where the cause of action arose. Each state and territory of Australia has different courts, tribunals and regulatory bodies, and the requirements that need to be met may differ from state to state. If you need assistance with an issue that arose while doing business with someone in another state or territory, or another country, it may be difficult to know where the cause of action arose, and where proceedings should be commenced. Our Australia-wide network of civil and commercial lawyers can help you determine the best way forward.

Commencing litigation isn’t always the best way to proceed when tackling a civil or commercial matter and there are many other forms of dispute resolution that may need to be considered before commencing court proceedings. Armstrong Legal’s dedicated civil and commercial lawyers are experienced in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, which may assist you to achieve a quick and cost-effective outcome.

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