Animal Cruelty

Being cruel to an animal is a serious offence in Queensland. The offence, at its most serious, carries a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment and, more often than not, orders are made prohibiting people convicted of cruelty offences from owning or caring for animals for lengthy periods of time. In some cases, in addition to any other penalty imposed, a court will order that a person convicted of a cruelty offence pay the costs of their own prosecution.

The definition of animal cruelty in Queensland extends beyond simply being violent, or intentionally causing injury, to an animal. It can also include things like abandoning an animal or failing to provide treatment to an injury or illness even where that injury or illness is caused naturally.

The implications of a charge of animal cruelty are potentially very serious and if you or a family member has been charged it is essential that you obtain dedicated legal representation at an early stage. Armstrong Legal’s team of experienced criminal lawyers stands ready to advise and assist you in that circumstance.

This page contains information about the most common animal cruelty charges in Queensland, please select from the following offences:




If you suspect that you may be under investigation, or if you have been charged with an offence, it is vital to get competent legal advice as early as possible. Our lawyers are highly specialised in criminal law and will be able to guide you through the process while dealing with the various authorities related to your matter.


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