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Extortion Offences (NSW)

What does extortion mean? Extortion is a general term used to describe criminal behaviour relating to obtaining a benefit through coercion or threats. The benefit may be money, property or services. In New South Wales, offences relating to extortion are contained in the Crimes Act 1900. These offences are treated very seriously by the courts and can carry heavy penalties up to and including a term of full-time imprisonment. 

What does extortion mean?

Section 249K of the Crimes Act 1900 contains the offence of blackmail. This is the offence that is usually being referred to when people talk about extortion in New South Wales.

A person commits blackmail if they make an unwarranted demand with menaces to another person. This offence carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.  

Fernanda Dahlstrom

This article was written by Fernanda Dahlstrom

Fernanda Dahlstrom has a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She has also completed a Master’s in Writing and Literature. Fernanda practised law for eight years, working in criminal defence, child protection and domestic violence law in the Northern Territory and in family law in Queensland.

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