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Robbery Offences (NSW)

There are a number of robbery offences in New South Wales. Robbery means stealing in circumstances that involve the use of force or the threatened use of force. Robbery is what is known as a ‘composite offence’, meaning that it is both a property offence and a violent offence.

Robbery offences are governed by the Crimes Act 1900 and can attract lengthy periods of imprisonment.

Robbery/stealing from the person

In New South Wales, it is an offence to commit a robbery or steal from the person. This offence carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

Armed robbery

Armed Robbery occurs when a person commits a robbery while armed with an offensive weapon. It carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment for 20 years. Aggravated Armed Robbery occurs when a robbery is committed by a person who is armed with a dangerous weapon. Armed Robbery in Company occurs when a person commits an armed robbery in company with one or more other persons. Armed Robbery with Wounding occurs when a victim sustains wounding during an armed robbery.

Demanding property with intent to steal

A lesser offence than robbery, demanding property with intent to steal occurs when a person demands property using menaces or force, with the intent to steal, but where the theft is not in fact carried out.

Robbery with wounding

Robbery with Wounding is a robbery where the victim is wounded. A wounding is an injury that breaks the skin, such as a cut or a gash.

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Fernanda Dahlstrom

This article was written by Fernanda Dahlstrom

Fernanda Dahlstrom has a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She has also completed a Master’s in Writing and Literature. Fernanda practised law for eight years, working in criminal defence, child protection and domestic violence law in the Northern Territory and in family law in Queensland.

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