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When you’re having legal difficulties, knowing you have an experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side can put your mind at ease. Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane lawyers are highly skilled and committed to assisting clients who are going through a stressful time. They’ll give you thorough and timely advice drawing on many years’ experience helping clients both in and out of court.

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Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane office is located in Brisbane’s CBD at 231 North Quay, near Roma Street Train Station. Our team of exceptional lawyers is available from 7am until midnight and can provide advice and representation across our seven areas of expertise, which are criminal law, family law, corporate crime law, contested estates, traffic law, commercial law and administrative law.

All of our professional and dedicated Brisbane lawyers are ready to assist with your legal matter in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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Our commercial lawyers are experienced in all aspects of commercial and civil law, including contracts, consumer law, property law, tort law, corporations law and employment law.

Commencing litigation isn’t always the best way to proceed when you are involved in a civil or commercial dispute. There are many forms of dispute resolution that may need to be considered before commencing court proceedings. Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane Commercial lawyers can advise you on all your options.

Administrative law is the area of law that deals with the review of decisions by government bodies and agencies. It includes Centrelink matters, Working With Children Checks, immigration law and child protection matters.

Decisions by government decision-makers are subject to merits review by government agencies and tribunals, investigations – such as by the Ombudsman – and judicial review by the federal courts.

Armstrong Legal’s Corporate Crime lawyers provide advice and representation to clients dealing with ASIC offences, charges of bribery, environmental offences, money laundering and tax fraud. The penalties for corporate crime offences are severe, ranging from fines to imprisonment for individuals; the consequences can also be serious for the company involved.

Corporate crime is a crime committed by individuals or companies in the course of their work. A person suspected of corporate crime can find themselves under investigation by ASIC, the ATO, the ODPP or the CDPP. Being subject to such an investigation is stressful as there is so much that hangs in the balance. You’re worried about losing your job, damage to your reputation and the impact of any charges on future employment. You’re also concerned about the penalties you may face if found guilty of offences.

Our Corporate Crime Lawyers can explain the principles and procedures involved in corporate crime investigations and prosecutions and develop a strategy for your defence. For a friendly discussion call them on (07) 3229 4448.

Appearing in court on criminal charges can be very intimidating. Whether you are facing traffic offences; allegations of domestic violence, or property offences, there can be serious consequences if you are found guilty. A criminal record can complicate your life in many ways. Apart from being penalised by a fine or a period of imprisonment, your criminal matter could also affect your ability to travel and obtain employment, even more so if your work requires a Working with Children Check.

Our Brisbane Criminal Lawyers deal with all aspects of criminal law from first mention to sentencing or acquittal. They deal with bail applications, pleas in mitigation, contested hearings and sentencing hearings and can provide advice on drug offences, violent offences and commonwealth crimes.

When you engage an Armstrong Legal Brisbane Lawyer, you can be assured that you receive comprehensive advice and are supported every step of the way in your legal matter.

Our Brisbane Criminal Lawyers advise clients at all stages in the criminal justice system from when the charges are first laid, through to your first court mention, bail application, a plea in mitigation or contested hearing as well as appeals. They deal with state and commonwealth offences and are experienced at representing both adults and juveniles

You’re in safe hands when our Brisbane Criminal Lawyers are on your side.

Going through a separation and dealing with all the associated legal issues can be the most stressful time in a person’s life.

When a relationship breaks down there may be questions over child custody arrangements, property division and spousal maintenance. Armstrong Legal’s Family Lawyers can assist you with all the legal issues that flow from separation and reduce the stress associated with these difficult events.

Our team of committed Brisbane Family Lawyers will be there for you every step of the way – whether you’ve separated, are facing the prospect of a property settlement or a parenting dispute following a separation.

Whether you’re dealing with a complicated, international family law matter which may involve the Hague Convention, or a more routine negotiation of financial orders, our family lawyers will do their best to negotiate a positive outcome for you. If the matter cannot be resolved out of court, they will advocate for you throughout the court proceedings and at trial.

Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane Family lawyers will thoroughly advise you so you understand all your options.

When you’re driving a motor vehicle, you have a responsibility towards other road users. There is a wide range of offences that can arise when mistakes are made on the roads. Traffic offences range from speeding and unlicensed driving to drink driving and dangerous driving causing death and can attract penalties from a small fine to life imprisonment. When you are charged with a traffic offence, you should seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity so that a professional who knows the process and the likely sentencing outcomes can advise you of all your options. .
Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane Traffic Lawyers are specialists in traffic law. They’ll explain the penalties for breaching road rules, defences that can be argued, what to expect in court if you do decide to represent yourself and the process for appealing if you’re unhappy with the court’s decision.

Whether it is your first offence, or you have been before the court a number of times, our Brisbane traffic lawyers will ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Our Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyers will share their knowledge of what the implications are for you and be sensitive about the seriousness of the situation that you’re facing.
Talk to our Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyers today.

When a loved one dies, there are a lot of emotions to deal with. There are also the practicalities of managing financial affairs after the person’s death. That usually means dealing with Wills, Estates and Probate.

Sometimes when a loved one’s will is read, family members find that they have been left out of the will or have been inadequately provided for. This can lead to the will being contested by the person who feels aggrieved and defended by those who want the will to remain as it is. In Queensland, you only have nine months from the date of the deceased’s death to contest  a will, so it’s essential for your future that you engage the services of one of our Brisbane Contested Wills Lawyers.

Brisbane Courts

Representing clients in court is a critical component of Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane Lawyers daily activities. Our lawyers appear regularly in the below courts.

Brisbane District Court

The Brisbane District Court deals with serious criminal matters, including rape, armed robbery and fraud. It also hears civil cases involving amounts between $150,000 and $750,000.

Brisbane Supreme Court

The Brisbane Supreme Court deals with the most serious indictable offences like murder and manslaughter. It also deals with civil cases involving amounts of $750,000.

Brisbane Magistrates Courts

The Magistrates Court hears the vast majority of criminal matters, including traffic offences and other summary offences. It also hears domestic violence order applications and minor civil matters.

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)

QCAT deals with civil matters such as debt disputes,  motor vehicle disputes and retail shop lease disputes. It also hears matters relating to residential tenancy disputes and tree disputes.

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