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Penalty Units (NSW)

Penalty units are used to stipulate the amount payable for a fine. Penalty units are used instead of dollar amounts because the value of a penalty unit is indexed for inflation and changes regularly. In New South Wales, a penalty unit is currently worth $110.


Section 17 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act tells you the dollar amount of one penalty unit.

To convert the amount of a fine that was imposed in penalty units in New South Wales into a dollar amount, simply multiply $110 by the number of penalty units. For example, if the maximum penalty is 5 penalty units: 5 x $110 = $550

Therefore, a fine of five penalty units in New South Wales is currently $550.

Other states and territories

The value of a penalty unit is different in every state and territory. The value of penalty units increases regularly in every jurisdiction. If you have received a fine, make sure you check the value of a penalty unit in the state or territory where the fine was imposed.

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