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Sydney Domestic Violence Lawyers

Our New South Wales Criminal Law team includes solicitors who are experienced in representing clients who have been charged with domestic violence offences including a wide range of conduct such as contravening ADVOs, common assault, stalk/intimidate, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, use carriage service to harass, stalk or intimidate, and other domestic violence-based offending. Because of the nature of these offences, there is often a lot at stake for people. A client’s career, ability to hold a working with children check, status in Australia, access to their children and freedom may be in jeopardy. Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) can also have serious consequences in future family law proceedings in addition to consequences surrounding employment and access to firearms. This page contains information about Armstrong Legal’s Sydney domestic violence lawyers.

Seek advice from Sydney Domestic Violence Lawyers ASAP

It is critical that any person who faces allegations or criminal charges ensures they have the best legal team on their side from the outset. Where a person is charged, it’s important to have a lawyer advising them on decisions about whether or not to participate in police interviews or forensic procedures, the making of a bail application and throughout the criminal matter. This is important whether the person plans on defending the matter, or admitting guilt.

When a person faces criminal charges, your choice in legal representation is an important one. At Armstrong Legal, we have Sydney domestic violence lawyers on hand to provide urgent advice in relation to dealing with police, police investigative techniques, arrest warrants, bail applications, participating in or declining to participate in an electronically recorded interview and the charging process.

The police brief of evidence in these types of matters usually includes a Domestic Violence Evidence in Chief (DVEC) recording which is essentially the complainant’s initial version of events. Police statements, witness statements, body-worn footage, will also form part of the brief of evidence in most domestic violence-related matters. Sometimes tendency and coincidence evidence is relied upon if there have been proven prior instances of domestic violence. Additionally, sometimes phone recordings, screenshots of digital communication, and photographs of property are also relied upon.

While all our lawyers’ practices will involve domestic violence offences from time to time, the below solicitors are particularly experienced in domestic violence matters. For one-off advice or representation, please contact our lawyers on 1300 038 223 or email them to arrange an appointment with one of our Sydney domestic violence lawyers.

Trudie Cameron

Trudie Cameron is Armstrong Legal’s NSW Practice Director of Criminal Law and is a Criminal Law Accredited Specialist.

Trudie is particularly skilled at guiding her clients through the many different stages of a domestic violence matter including matters where child witnesses are required to give evidence. Trudie has also appeared in domestic violence matters in the Local Court and District Court and as an instructing solicitor in District Court trials, Supreme Court bail applications and appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Trudie also offers unique insight through her experience working for Queens Counsel prior to joining Armstrong Legal. She assisted counsel in the defence and prosecution of various complex domestic violence matters. In particular, Trudie has a wealth of experience in defending clients charged with child abuse including sexual, physical and emotional abuse that is alleged to have harmed the emotional or intellectual development of the child or young person.

Trudie represents clients from all walks of life facing all types of domestic violence allegations.

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson is a Special Counsel at Armstrong Legal. He is a highly experienced Criminal Law Accredited Specialist with more than 30 years experience. Craig is well known to magistrates and judges and has earned a reputation over many years as a thorough, honest and persuasive advocate. His experience, cross-examination skills and candour in the courtroom are highly regarded.

Craig is passionate about achieving the best result possible for all his clients. He has appeared in domestic violence matters as an advocate in the Local Court and District Court sentencing matters, defended hearings in the Local Court, bail applications in the Supreme Court, severity and conviction appeals in the District Court, and as an instructing solicitor in District Court trials and appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Craig is an integral part of our litigation team, often retained primarily for his exceptional advocacy skills and experience in cross-examining police officers, child witnesses, complainants from all walks of life, and medical staff. He is available to represent clients facing the most serious domestic violence charges and has serviced thousands of clients throughout NSW.

Craig is also an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist.

Elizabeth Tsitsos

Elizabeth Tsitsos is a Senior Associate at Armstrong Legal, who has spent her career practising exclusively in criminal defence. Her attention to detail and thorough preparation means that she excels in matters requiring high-level care, as offences and ADVOs of this nature often do.

Elizabeth has appeared in domestic violence matters as an advocate in the Local Court, as an instructing solicitor in District Court trials and sentences, and in Supreme Court bail applications. Elizabeth provides candid and frank advice regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution case and defence case to ensure her clients understand what can realistically be achieved.

If you require legal advice or representation in any legal matter, please contact Armstrong Legal. 

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