Community Restorative Centre

CRC is a NSW community organisation dedicated to supporting people affected by the criminal justice system, particularly prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families and friends.

CRC offers personal and practical assistance such as counselling, accommodation, a subsidised transport service, a court support service, outreach to prisons, and information, advice and referrals.

Services provided by CRC

CRC can help with issues such as drug and alcohol dependence, homelessness, and unemployment, which can put people at risk of crime. We assist those who are experiencing hardship and work with their families and communities, giving them support to develop their skills and build stable, independent lives.

For people in crisis, they provide an information, advocacy and referral service via telephone. Staff can help with matters such as finding emergency accommodation, referral for financial assistance, mediation between clients and other agencies.

Resources for former prisoners

Life for former prisoners can be extremely difficult. Many experience problems with housing, employment, finances, relationships, drugs and alcohol and mixing with other people. CRC can help people resettle into communities. Former prisoners are also welcome to call CRC to discuss resettlement issues any time after their release.

Families of prisoners

When a family member goes to jail, it can be an extremely traumatic time for those left behind.  Whether you’re a partner, parent, friend or other relative, life can become very difficult emotionally, financially and socially. Knowing where to get information, how to get help and assistance can be very confusing.

CRC can ease these troubled times by providing information, advice and support to families from the courts through to release. We’re never more than a phone call away.

Training for community and government workers

CRC provides specialised training to organisations, government departments and community workers engaged in supporting or working with post-release prisoners and families of prisoners.

Training workshops are tailored to the needs of workers and organisations and provide practical information about the NSW prison system and how imprisonment affects the families and impacts on the post- release needs of prisoners.

Call CRC on (02) 9288 8700

Armstrong Legal gratefully acknowledges the excellent work performed by the CRC and for their permission to disseminate the information on this page.


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