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Armstrong Legal’s Perth lawyers take pride in upholding the integrity of the justice system and supporting clients through difficult times.

Our lawyers understand the importance of having the right lawyer supporting you and of being confident you understand all your options. They are committed to helping you achieve the best possible result and will regularly update you and empower you to make the best decisions.

From your first interaction with them, our lawyers will listen to your concerns and develop a strategy for your case. They will endeavour to resolve matters out of court wherever possible, keeping your costs to a minimum. Where court proceedings cannot be avoided, our lawyers will advocate for you professionally and effectively.

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Perth Contested Wills Lawyers

Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. The experience can be particularly trying when there are unresolved legal matters to sort out while you are grieving. Our Perth contested estates lawyers specialise in disputes arising from will and strive to provide a sensitive and compassionate legal service at this difficult time.

If you are considering contesting a will or challenging a will in Western Australia, a time limit applies so you need to act quickly to secure your entitlements.  Our Perth contested estates lawyers have a long history in supporting clients and have established a great reputation in will challenges and contested estates law.

If you would like advice about contested estates contact our Perth lawyers today.

Perth Corporate Crime Lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s Corporate Crime lawyers provide advice and representation to clients dealing with ASIC offences, charges of bribery, environmental offences, money laundering and tax fraud. The penalties for corporate crime offences are severe, ranging from fines to imprisonment for individuals; the consequences can also be serious for the company involved.

If you or your company is facing corporate crime charges, contact our Perth lawyers on (08) 9321 5505.

Perth Criminal Lawyers

Being charged with a criminal offence can be intimidating whether it’s a traffic offence, a drug offence or a violent or sexual offence. Criminal charges can lead to serious consequences such as fines and terms of imprisonment.  You may also receive a criminal record, which may affect your future employment and travel opportunities.

Our Perth Criminal Lawyers advise clients at all stages in the criminal justice system from when the charges are first laid, through to your first court mention, bail application, a plea in mitigation or contested hearing as well as appeals. They deal with state and commonwealth offences and are experienced at representing both adults and young people.

You’re in safe hands when our Perth Criminal Lawyers are on your side.

Perth Family Lawyers

When a relationship breaks down there may be questions over child custody arrangements, property division and spousal maintenance. Armstrong Legal’s Family Lawyers can assist you with all the legal issues that flow from separation and reduce the stress associated with these difficult events.

Armstrong Legal’s Perth Family lawyers will thoroughly advise you so you understand all your options.

Perth Traffic Lawyers

Some traffic offences are quite minor and can be dealt with by an op the spot fine. Others carry lengthy terms of imprisonment and can take months to be finalised in court. Common traffic offences include DUI, drink driving and driving while unlicensed, suspended or disqualified. Less common offences include causing death by dangerous driving, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

If you’ve been charged with a traffic offence, contact Armstrong Legal. Our Perth traffic lawyers will gather all the evidence they need to represent your case in the best possible light to the court, ensuring the magistrates is aware of every factor in your favour. Armstrong Legal’s Perth Traffic Lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to get you a favourable outcome with minimum impact on your future.

Perth Commercial Lawyers

Our commercial lawyers are experienced in all aspects of commercial and civil law, including contracts, consumer law, property law, tort law, corporations law and employment law.

Commencing litigation isn’t always the best way to proceed when you are involved in a civil or commercial dispute. There are many forms of dispute resolution that may need to be considered before commencing court proceedings. Armstrong Legal’s Perth Commercial lawyers can advise you on all your options.

Perth Administrative Lawyers

Administrative law is the area of law that deals with the review of decisions by government bodies and agencies. It includes Centrelink matters, Working With Children Checks, immigration law and child protection matters.

Decisions by government decision-makers are subject to merits review by government agencies and tribunals, investigations – such as by the Ombudsman – and judicial review by the federal courts.

Perth Courts

Our Perth Lawyers appear regularly in all Western Australian courts.

High Court of Australia Perth

The High Court of Australia hears a broad spectrum of cases across Family Law, Tax Law, Property Law and Criminal Law. It is the highest court and the last avenue of appeal against decisions of lower courts.

Supreme Court of Western Australia

The Supreme Court of Western Australia hears the most serious indictable offences such as murder and manslaughter. It also hears complex civil matters and civil matters where the amount is dispute is more than $750,000.

District Court of Western Australia

Serious criminal matters including assaults, sexual offences, robbery, drug offences and fraud are heard in the District Court of Western Australia.

Magistrates Court of Western Australia

The Magistrates Court of Western Australia hears summary criminal matters, domestic violence applications and minor civil matters.

Children’s Court

The Children’s Court hears summary criminal matters involving defendants who are aged under 18 and protection and care matters.

Family Court of Western Australia

Western Australia has a different family law system to the rest of Australia. The state has had its own family court since 1976 after the passing of the Family Court Act 1975, while the rest of the country uses a federal family court system.

Family Law matters are heard in the Family Court of Western Australia.

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