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Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne lawyers have the skillset to offer honest and timely legal advice and representation. Our Melbourne lawyers have years of experience behind them so you can trust you are in safe hands when you appoint them to handle your case.

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Melbourne Contested Wills Lawyers

There are two things that people don’t like talking about; death; and money. It’s even worse when you need to discuss both. You may have been left out of the Will or didn’t receive the share of the estate that you thought you deserved.

Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne Contested Wills Lawyers deal with contested Wills daily, so they know the process; and how to get the most desirable outcome.

What if you are happy with your share, but someone else wants to contest the estate? Our lawyers can help you defend your share.

You can only contest a Will within six months from the date of Probate being granted, or three months after you notify the estate of your plans. Therefore you need to contact one of our Melbourne Contested Wills lawyers without delay so they can prepare your case and help you get your fair share.

Melbourne Corporate Crime Lawyers

Imagine you’re in an executive job and then suddenly there’s a knock on your door from the Police, ATO or ASIC investigators; accusing you of a white-collar crime or a corporate crime. It would be humiliating, and you’d feel ashamed, even if you were innocent. After the initial shock subsides, you want to act fast because the consequences of going to court; even if you’re found not guilty can be severe and you could lose everything you’ve worked hard for, combined with the loss of reputation.

White-collar and Corporate Crime include tax fraud, ASIC investigations, money laundering, identity fraud, insider trading and environmental offences.

A lawyer can talk to you about charges you may face; and the penalties if you are found guilty. A Melbourne Corporate Crime Lawyer can offer you peace of mind by referring to similar cases where they achieved positive outcomes.

Contact one of our Melbourne Corporate Crime Lawyers today if you’re under investigation. The earlier you engage the services of an experienced lawyer, the better the outcome will be because they will have more time to research and prepare your case.

Corporate Crime covers a vast array of offences and potential penalties. The legislation is often complicated and extensive, with some legislation being hundreds or thousands of pages long. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the law and can, therefore, defend you with excellent competency.

Melbourne Criminal Lawyers

Nothing is more stressful than the possibility of a criminal conviction. Whether it’s a minor or serious conviction, it can appear on your record for ten years if you received the conviction as an adult and five years if convicted as a minor; and more serious comes never become spent. A criminal conviction could affect your employment or stop your future travel plans.

If you’ve been charged with an offence or think that you might face charges, it is crucial that you talk to one of Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne lawyers at the first opportunity. They’ll also make plea recommendations. If you decided to plead guilty, then they will fight for minimal sentencing.

Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne lawyers know that the criminal justice system is complex and frightening whether it’s your first offence or you’ve interacted with the criminal justice system previously. The team are friendly and understanding; approaching your matter with impartiality and considering the facts only. They cover the full spectrum of Victorian criminal offences.

Our Melbourne lawyers are available every step of the way from the moment you are under investigation, through to charges being laid, appearing at court and sentencing. They can also help you appeal if you are unhappy with the outcome you received in court.

Our Melbourne Lawyers can do Legal Aid work in limited instances. We do not offer Legal Aid for matters involving AVOs or for Corporate Crime matters. If you’d like more information on the cases we can do Legal Aid work for, give us a call on (03) 9620 2777.

Melbourne Family Lawyers

Family disputes will always be an emotional and turbulent affair. Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne lawyers are pragmatic and sensitive in their approach to dealing with family matters. The team provide emotional support in addition to legal advice.

Our team of family lawyers have a background in dealing with the Family Court, psychology and mental health, so you can trust that your matter is in safe hands.

Our solicitors are kind and understanding; and want to remove some of the pain you’re experiencing as you grapple with domestic violence, spousal maintenance claim, divorce or child support issues.

Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne Family lawyers have worked on cases similar to yours, so they know how to approach your situation, including what questions to ask and how to present the facts.

If assets and children are at stake, our lawyers comply with the Family Law Act 1975, prioritising the children’s best interests to see both parents. It is rare, but sometimes the Family Court will make an order for children not to see a parent. If you cannot see your children, call us on (03) 9620 2777 to see how we can help.

Our Melbourne Family lawyers know Family Law thoroughly and can build a strong case for you. They will work on getting you the outcome you want without involving the courts. They only use the court as a last resort when every other avenue has failed.

Melbourne Commercial Lawyers

Our commercial lawyers are experienced in all aspects of commercial and civil law, including contracts, consumer law, property law, tort law, corporations law and employment law.

Commencing litigation isn’t always the best way to proceed when you are involved in a civil or commercial dispute. There are many forms of dispute resolution that may need to be considered before commencing court proceedings. Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne Commercial lawyers can advise you on all your options.

Melbourne Administrative Lawyers

Administrative law is the area of law that deals with the review of decisions by government bodies and agencies. It includes Centrelink matters, Working With Children Checks, immigration law and child protection matters.

Decisions by government decision-makers are subject to merits review by government agencies and tribunals, investigations – such as by the Ombudsman – and judicial review by the federal courts. Armstrong Legal’s Melbourne Administrative lawyers can advise you on all your options.

Melbourne Traffic Lawyers

The consequences of committing a traffic offence in Victoria are severe, and if you don’t agree with an infringement notice, you can ask to have the matter heard by the Victorian Courts.

If you do contest the original penalty, the Magistrate may cancel the fine; however, they may also increase the fine, order you to pay court costs, cancel or suspend your licence and in the most severe cases, record a criminal conviction. A criminal conviction could be destructive to your future travel or employment plans.

Legal representation can make a significant difference if you are going to court. A Melbourne Traffic Lawyer can guide you through the process, and the Victorian Courts expect that you will have sought legal advice before your court appearance.

Our dedicated Melbourne Traffic lawyers are committed to ensuring you get the best possible outcome and will give your traffic matter the attention it deserves.

Were you aware that if you commit a drink driving offence interstate while driving on a Victorian licence, the courts treat it as if you committed the offence in Victoria? A Melbourne Drink Driving Lawyer can assist with information that you may not have known. The lawyers know the legislation, the penalties and the best defences in your circumstance.

If you commit a drink driving offence, you’ll probably face the Victorian Courts. If convicted, you will receive a criminal record alongside other penalties including fines, vehicle impoundment, licence suspension and in severe cases, imprisonment. It may seem trivial but a criminal record, even for a drink driving offence, can impact your future employment and travel desires, even when the convictions are spent.

An Armstrong Legal Melbourne Drink Driving Lawyer will work hard to minimise the penalty, and in some cases, they’ve had previous success getting charges dropped in favour of a lesser charge.

A good lawyer can make a massive difference to your defence and your mental health and wellbeing. They’re also equipped to help you with your plea, defences, apology letters and character reference preparation.

Melbourne Courts

Our Melbourne lawyers regularly appear in courts across Melbourne. We’ve listed some of these courts.

Supreme Court of Victoria

Murder, attempted murder and other serious criminal matters are heard in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

The Supreme Court of Victoria is in a colonial building located at 210 William Street in the CBD. The building has been around since 1873 when it was designed by Arthur Abdon and Alfred Smith in 1873.

It’s open from 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday and can be accessed by tram.

Melbourne Magistrates Court

Less serious cases such as traffic offences, assaults, some indictable offences including robbery and theft, are heard in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

At 233 William Street in the CBD, the Melbourne Magistrates Court is right opposite the Victorian County Court.

It’s open from 9am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday and can be accessed by tram.

County Court of Victoria

Sitting below the Supreme Court and above the Magistrates Court, the County Court of Victoria hears over 12,000 cases a year across Criminal, Commercial and Common Law. It hears criminal matters including theft, drug offences, sexual offences, fraud and dishonesty offences and serious assault charges.

Like the Melbourne Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria, it is on William Street, with it taking residence at number 250.

It is open from 9am until 4pm Monday – Friday and accessible by tram.

Owen Dixon Commonwealth Law Courts

The Owen Dixon Commonwealth Law Courts building is in Melbourne’s legal precinct and is at 305 William Street in the CBD. The building is home to four Federal courts:

It is open from 9am until 4:30pm Monday to Friday and can be reached by tram.

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