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Penalties for Perjury and False Statements (NSW)

Generally, the penalties imposed by courts for a first offence are more lenient than for an offender who is before the court for the second or subsequent offence. Offenders may also receive lenient penalties out of consideration of their circumstances or of the circumstances of the offending. Some of the matters that courts consider when sentencing a person are:

  • Their character
  • Their need for rehabilitation (particularly if it is a young offender)
  • Whether they have expressed remorse or taken actions that demonstrate remorse
  • Whether they will suffer extra curial punishment – The effect that a harsh penalty may have upon someone’s employment, travel and membership with associations

Section 10s

It is possible for all offenders charged with perjury and false statement to avoid a criminal conviction if the court makes an order under section 10 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act. However, a first offender is far more likely to receive a section 10 than a repeat offender.

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