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Courts and commissions

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In this section you will find information about what will occur, your rights and obligations if you receive a summons to appear before the Australian Crime Commission, NSW Crime Commission, ICAC, the Police Integrity Commission or a Royal Commission.
This section also contains useful information about the Local Court and District Court of New South Wales.

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Definitions of legal terms used in this section

Australian Crime Commission investigation: an intelligence operation that the Australian Crime Commission is undertaking; or an investigation into matters relating to federally relevant criminal activity that the Australian Crime Commission is conducting.

Australian Crime Commission: Australia’s national criminal intelligence agency who investigate serious and organised crime in Australia.

NSW Crime Commission: NSW’s criminal intelligence agency who investigate illegal drug trafficking, as well as organised and other crime.

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC): an agency that investigates and exposes corrupt conduct in the NSW public sector.

Police Integrity Commission: an independent agency from the NSW Police Force who detect, investigate and prevent police misconduct and look at serious police misconduct by NSW Police officers.

Royal Commission: a public inquiry issued by the Governor General to inquire and report on a specific subject matter.

Local Court: the lowest Court in the State legal system, hearing both civil and criminal matters.

District Court NSW: the middle Court in the NSW legal system, hearing both civil and criminal matters. This court is able to hear both trials and appeals.

Judge: the person presiding over either the District or Supreme Court.

Magistrate: the person presiding over a Local Court.

Member of the NSW Crime Commission: any member of the NSW Crime Commission, including the Commissioner.

Crime Commission investigator: an investigator working with either the NSW or Australian Crime Commission investigating the relevant crime/criminal activity.

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