Sydney Lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers are there for you from the moment you require legal advice or representation in court. They have qualifications from the best Law schools in Australia, including the University of Sydney and the College of Law, so you can trust the advice you receive.

Our Sydney lawyers can answer any enquiry 7 days a week from 7am until midnight on 1300 038 223. They’re equipped to help with general questions about legislation or you want help after you’ve been charged with an offence and need a lawyer to handle your case or help you prepare for court.

You can also book an appointment to meet with one of Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers in person.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney office is at 35/201 Elizabeth Street in the Sydney CBD. It is walking distance to trains and buses.
Our Sydney lawyers can appear in any of NSW’s courts from the Downing Centre in Sydney’s CBD through to courts in Bankstown, Maitland or Surry Hills.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers specialise in five main areas of law.

Sydney Contested Wills Lawyers

Someone passing is always tough whether it was sudden or the result of a long illness. It’s even more stressful when you find that you have been left out of the will or aren’t receiving the share of the estate that you expected.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers are qualified and knowledgeable in assisting with will challenges and can help you get a positive outcome.

On the opposite side, they can also offer their expertise in defending a will and may provide you with a no win no fee agreement, so you do not need to pay any upfront costs.

Sydney Corporate Crime Lawyers

Corporate crime is a particular area of law that most often refers to crimes committed in the running of a business.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers who dedicate their time to corporate crime have over 100 years of experience between them and can assist with a variety of areas.

If ASIC is investigating your business, it’s essential you comply with them and give them the information they require. If you don’t, they may have able to obtain documents without your content, which could lead to you being charged with a Section 63 Failure to Comply With Requirement. If you’re unsure of if you need to supply documentation, it’s essential you check that you have been served with a Section 19 Notice which can compel you to answer questions.

A Sydney lawyer from Armstrong Legal has considerable experience in this area and can give you the best advice. They can also communicate with ASIC on your behalf.

Our Sydney lawyers can also provide knowledge on forgery, money laundering and tax fraud.

If you or your business are being investigated under suspicions of committing a corporate offence, it’s prudent to appoint one of Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers who can guide you and interpret the relevant legislation for you.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Whether you’re dealing with the criminal justice system for the first, second or third time, a criminal conviction can be daunting.

A criminal conviction has devastating consequences for both you and your family, regardless of how serious it is.

It can affect your employment and may also affect your ability to travel to countries such as the United States of America, the UK or Canada.

It is crucial that you call one of our Sydney lawyers. Strong representation increases your chances of getting the outcome that you would like.

Our criminal lawyers are excellent negotiators and can help you decide if you want to plead guilty or defend yourself. If you’ve chosen to defend yourself, they can share their knowledge on the best defences in your circumstance.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers can advise you on what to do when a charge is laid, preparing for court, what to include in a character reference, court processes and penalties including bail if you are sentenced to imprisonment.

They will help you fight your criminal matter so you can get on with your life.

Sydney Family Lawyers

Family law matters can be emotional and stressful. They can also take a financial toll on the individual parties involved. They’re even more stressful when your children are caught up in a family dispute, so it’s vital you use the services of an Armstrong Legal Sydney lawyer.

They are sensitive and pragmatic in their approach to dealing with family law issues and disputes.

Families can be complicated at the best of times but imagine you’re going through a de facto separation, a marriage separation or a divorce. Tensions are going to be high, especially if there are child support or child custody arrangements to make. When a marriage is ending, you also need to consider the effect of divorce on a will or superannuation. One of Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers can advise you on actions that you may need to take to protect your financial assets.

Our Sydney lawyers can negotiate and mediate on your behalf. A family lawyer can interpret the law for you and advocate on your behalf so you and your former spouse can reach a mutually suitable agreement without the need to litigate.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers offer impartiality and provide advice specific to your situation. They can also serve notices and assist with protection orders should domestic violence be an issue.

Our Sydney lawyers can help draw up a property settlement agreement or other financial agreements.

In rare cases, you may require help with a more complex matter such as international child abduction which falls under the Hague Convention. Our Sydney lawyers are here to support you, so you get the outcome you desire.

Sydney Traffic Lawyers

NSW has some of the toughest drink driving laws in the world, so if the Police pull you over and arrest you for drink driving the penalties can be quite severe.

There are five levels of drink driving offences in NSW; Novice range drink driving, Special range drink driving, low range drink driving, Mid-range drink driving and High range drink driving. In an effort to reduce drink driving, penalties increased on the 20th of May 2019 and now those who commit a low range drink driving offence the first time will have their driver’s licence suspended for three months, and they will be fined $572. In some instances, imprisonment is a possibility, especially if you are a repeat offender or you have been charged with High range drink driving.

It may be tempting to represent yourself in court; however, you should enlist the services of a Sydney lawyer from Armstrong Legal, at least for your court appearance.

Our Sydney lawyers will offer you expert advice and interpret the law for you. If it’s your first contact with the criminal justice system, you might find the whole situation overwhelming. Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers can take the load off.

Could you imagine not having your drivers’ licence? Do you need to drive for work? Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers recognise the importance of retaining your licence, even if you have been charged with a traffic offence. Our lawyers have your best interests at heart and will fight if you’re innocent. We will also find for a reduced penalty.

Dangerous driving is separate to drink driving which falls under its own category. If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving causing death, drive in a manner dangerous to the public, drive at a speed dangerous to the public, furious driving, menacing driving or reckless driving then you need to contact Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers to fight your case.

John Sutton and the rest of Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers who specialise in traffic law are fascinated with the science of crash investigation and want to improve the lives of our clients. Often those charged with an offence suffer from mental health issues such as flashbacks, depression and anxiety because of the uncertainty of what might happen. Our caring Sydney lawyers can help you when you’re dealing with a difficult situation.

We want to reduce that burden, so if you are in a situation where you’ve been charged with a traffic offence, call our Sydney lawyers on 1300 038 223.


Alun Hill - National Practice Director – Sydney

Alun Hill is the National Director of the Contested Estates division of Armstrong Legal. Alun holds a Masters of Applied Law majoring in Wills and Estates. In 2019 Alun became an Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estates Law. In 2018 and 2019 Alun was named by Doyles as one of the Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyers in NSW. He has worked on a wide range of estate litigation matters…

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Andrew Tiedt - National Practice Director – Sydney

Andrew is one of the small number of solicitors in New South Wales recognized as being an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and is Criminal Law National Practice Director at Armstrong Legal. Andrew handles many of our most complex and difficult cases. He also appears in matters where experience and finesse are particularly important. He has handled cases across the entire spectrum, including prosecutions for murder, fraud, violence, sex and…

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Angela Cooney - Managing Associate – Sydney

Angela is able to assist clients with all criminal offences such as assaults, drug charges, traffic matters, theft, break and enters, firearms, sexual offences and apprehended violence orders. Angela is an experienced Court advocate having appeared in the Local and District Court, the Court of Criminal Appeal as well as in Federal jurisdictions in a multitude of matters, including complex strictly indictable trials. After graduating with First Class Honours and…

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Trudie Cameron - Senior Associate – Sydney

Trudie is an Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law and practices exclusively in criminal and traffic law. Trudie defends clients charged with both state and commonwealth offences and appears on their behalf in Local and District Courts. Trudie has also instructed Counsel in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court. She combines her impressive skills in advocacy and legal analysis…

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Michael Hempsall - Practice Director - Sydney

Michael has represented clients in hundreds of criminal law matters right across the spectrum from fine only offences to those carrying life imprisonment. In each case he brings to bear a wealth of insight into the criminal law process from investigation to prosecution. He has positive relationships with the Police Prosecutors, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Court staff and is regularly able to negotiate favourable terms before…

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Alison Brown - Special Counsel – Sydney

Alison holds a Bachelor of Laws and is also a registered Family Dispute Practitioner (mediator) and is passionate about providing the best family law solutions to her clients. Alison understands that there is time to mediate and a time to litigate. She has over 10 years’ experience as a Family Lawyer and has worked on an array of matters including complex parenting matters where there are significant issues of abuse,…

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Bree Staines - Senior Associate – Sydney

Bree is a Senior Associate in our Family Law team. Bree has a long held passion for Family Law and believes that the law can be a mechanism to achieve positive and just change and resolution for her clients. Bree has practised exclusively in Family Law since her admission to the profession. Prior to joining Armstrong Legal Bree worked at the Family Law Courts in Sydney and Wollongong and developed…

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Cara Maynard - Associate – Sydney

Before joining the team at Armstrong Legal, Cara worked as a DNA expert preparing and giving DNA evidence in criminal trials. In this role she liaised with police, DPP and defence practitioner regarding a variety of matters including DNA transfer, deposition and recovery. Cara has reviewed and interpreted thousands of DNA profiles that were reported as intelligence to the NSW police, and when requested, submitted reports and gave evidence in…

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David Evans - Senior Associate - Sydney

David has extensive experience in estate planning, estate administration and estate litigation. With a strong background in drafting wills and testamentary trusts, David has a keen eye for the various traps and pitfalls that allow a will to be contested. Dealing almost exclusively with claims under the Family Provision by family members seeking adequate provision from a will, David is sensitive to the needs of his clients and takes a…

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Felicity Reeman - Associate – Sydney

Felicity graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Juris Doctor. Prior to studying law, she gained a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons.) and a Graduate Diploma of Psychology from the University of Sydney. She previously worked as a Clinical Social Worker for 6 years in one of Sydney’s largest teaching hospitals bringing that invaluable knowledge and experience to her practice of family law. Felicity is a qualified…

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Tyson Brown - Associate – Sydney

Tyson has a down to earth, straightforward approach to life and the law, one which is well received by all who meet him. Tyson has the ability to relate to all clients on a personal level, having spent many years prior to his legal career in customer service and hospitality. As a manager of some of Sydney’s best known venues, Tyson was regularly involved with security, police, licensing and liquor…

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Will Del Din - Senior Associate – Sydney

Will is a determined advocate with an enthusiasm for criminal law. Since his admission as a solicitor Will has practiced exclusively in traffic and criminal law and is well equipped to advise his clients in these areas. Will rigorously applies his impressive communication skills and legal analysis to each matter. He is skilled at preparing each client for what to expect from the court process and working with his clients…

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Aurhett Barrie - Solicitor – Sydney

As a former Judge’s Associate Aurhett has rare insight into how cases are heard and decided. This knowledge allows him to persuasively advocate for his clients’ interests, both inside and outside of a courtroom. He has spent his career practising exclusively in criminal and traffic law and has advised hundreds of clients on an extensive range of matters. He takes a friendly, but professional approach with each and every client…

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Natasha Heathcote - Senior Associate – Sydney

Natasha completed her Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology Sydney. She has long held a strong passion for family law, and believes that the law can be used to achieve positive resolutions for her clients. When working with clients, Natasha shows compassion and first seeks to understand what is important to her clients, then looks for legal solutions that will…

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Sydney Courts

Our Sydney lawyers appear in courts all over Sydney. Some of these courts are listed below.

Sydney Federal Circuit Court and Sydney Family Court

Located in the Lionel Bowen Building at 97-99 Goulburn Street in the CBD, named after former Australian Deputy Prime Minister, the Sydney Federal Circuit Court and the Sydney Family Court operate Monday to Friday from 8:45am until 4:30pm.

The closest train stations are Museum, Central and Town Hall. There is also car parking across the road in Goulburn Street or in World Square, which is a block away.

Supreme Court of NSW

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers can attend hearings at the Sydney Supreme Court which is located in the Law Courts Building in Queens Square at 184 Phillip Street.

It operates Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm and hears Federal Court and High Court of Australia cases.

The nearest train stations are Martin Place and St James.

Sydney CBD District Court

The John Maddison Tower, named after John Clarkson Maddison, former NSW Attorney General and Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal Party, is home to the Sydney CBD District Court. It sits on level 4 of the tower and operates Monday – Friday from 8:30am until 4pm.

It is easily reached by train, light rail or buses.

Downing Centre Local Court

The Downing Centre Local Court is on level 4 of the Downing Centre Building on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets. Its operating hours are 9am until 4:30pm Monday to Friday. The court deals with criminal and general local court cases only.

It’s easily accessible by public transport and is serviced by Museum station.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers are based on level 35, 201 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.


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