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Armstrong Legal’s Sydney Lawyers are committed to providing excellent legal services to clients in all parts of Sydney and surrounding areas. With dedicated teams that specialise in family law, corporate crime, criminal law, traffic law and contested estates law, our Sydney lawyers deliver sensitive, professional and timely legal services to clients in their time of need.

Our lawyers understand the importance of being supported by the right lawyer who will ensure you understand all the legal principles and procedures that will affect your case and are aware of all your options. They will empower you to use the court system to obtain the best possible outcome in your matter.



Contested Wills Lawyers

Sydney Contested Wills Lawyers

Dealing with the death of a family member is never easy. When there are unresolved legal matters it can be even more trying. Sometimes when a loved one passes away, people close to them have expectations about what provisions will be made for them in the deceased person’s will. Those expectations are not always met.

If that is the case or you want to question the validity of the will entirely our Sydney Contested Estates lawyers can help. On the flipside if you want to protect your share of the estate they can also help you defend a will.

In some cases they can provide you with a no win no fee agreement, so you do not need to worry about finding any upfront costs if you’re already facing financial difficulties.

Corporate Crime Lawyers

Sydney Corporate Crime Lawyers

Corporate crimes may be committed by companies or individuals acting on their behalf. They are federal offence and  include ASIC offences, money launderingtax fraud,. bankruptcy offences and environmental offences.

Our Sydney corporate crime lawyers can assist you if you’re being investigated by a commonwealth agency or if you or your company have been charged with corporate crimes. Corporate crimes can attract very significant penalties including lengthy periods of imprisonment. They can also have serious consequences for the company involved.

If you or your company are being investigated for offences, it’s prudent to contact Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers who can guide you through the legislation and court processes

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney Criminal Lawyers have experience dealing with all aspects of criminal law and take pride in defending clients who are facing criminal charges. If you have been summonsed to attend court, arrested and bailed or remanded in custody, our Sydney lawyers are there to help obtain a positive outcome for you.

Our criminal lawyers appear regularly in the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Children’s Court and can handle your criminal matter from its first mention until final resolution. Whether you want to apply for bail, seek to have charged dropped, plead guilty or take a matter to trial, our Sydney lawyers will support you every step of the way and ensure you are across all your options. Our lawyers also regularly run criminal appeals so contact them if you want to appeal a conviction or a sentence.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney lawyers can advise you on all aspects of criminal law so contact them on 1300 038 223.

Sydney Family Lawyers

Leaving a relationship is never easy and sorting out the legal issues that follow can be very stressful. Armstrong Legal’s team of Sydney Family Lawyers deals regularly with de facto separations, divorce, parenting matters and property settlements, offering a sensitive, thorough and timely legal service to clients at their time of need.

Our lawyers will endeavour to reach a resolution out of court wherever possible so that you keep your costs to a minimum. When court proceedings cannot be avoided, they will represent you with expertise and tenacity, ensuring the best possible outcome for your situation.

Contact our Sydney lawyers today on 1300 038 223.

Sydney Traffic Lawyers

Traffic offences range from minor summary offences like driving unlicensed to serious offences like drink driving, dangerous driving and dangerous driving causing death.

Our Sydney lawyers deal with all aspects of traffic law, offering clients expert advice and representing them in pleas and at trial. Whether you’re dealing with a drink or drug driving offence, a driving while suspended or disqualified matter or allegations of dangerous driving,  our Sydney traffic lawyers can assist.

Whatever traffic law matter you’re dealing with, give us a call on 1300 038 223 or send us an email.

Alun Hill - National Practice Director – Sydney

National Practice Director – Contested Estates

Angela Cooney - National Practice Director – Sydney

Criminal Law

Trudie Cameron - Practice Director – Sydney

Criminal Law

Alison Brown - Special Counsel – Sydney

Special Counsel – Family Law

Bree Staines - Senior Associate – Sydney

Bree Staines - Senior Associate – Family Law

Cara Maynard - Associate – Sydney

Associate – Criminal Law

David Evans - Senior Associate - Sydney

Senior Associate - Contested Estates

Felicity Reeman - Associate – Sydney

Associate – Family Law

Tyson Brown - Associate – Sydney

Associate – Criminal Law

Aurhett Barrie - Solicitor – Sydney

Aurhett Barrie - Solicitor – Criminal Law

Natasha Heathcote - Senior Associate – Sydney

Natasha Heathcote - Senior Associate – Family Law

Nicholas Hardy-Clements - Senior Associate - Sydney

Criminal Law

Sara Woolford - Senior Associate - Sydney

Family Law

Jacinda Casson - Associate - Sydney

Contested Estates

Benjamin Edye - Solicitor - Sydney

Criminal Law

Vanessa Barnsley - Solicitor - Sydney

Family Law

Sydney Courts

Our Sydney lawyers appear in courts all over Sydney. Some of these courts are listed below.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court hears the most serious criminal matters including sexual offences, murder, manslaughter and fraud offences. It also hears more complicated civil matters and appeals from lower courts.

District Court

The Local Court hears the vast majority of all criminal matters. It also deals with apprehended violence order matters and minor civil cases.

Children's Court

The Children’s Court deals with criminal matters where the defendant is under 18. It also deals with applications for apprehended violence orders where the defendant is a juvenile and care and protection of children matters.


Taking the next step and contacting a family lawyer can be scary. Our lawyers will make you feel comfortable so you can talk about your situation. But first, ask yourself, Do I really need a lawyer?


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