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Top Drug Offence Lawyers Sydney

Our New South Wales Criminal Law team has a number of solicitors experienced in representing clients charged with possessing prohibited drugs, supplying drugs, deemed supply of drugs, drug trafficking and importation, and other drug-based offending. Because of the nature of these offences, there is often a great deal at stake for people. Their career, ability to hold a working with children check, access to their children, status in Australia, and freedom may be in jeopardy particularly as a jail sentence is often imposed where a person is found guilty of supplying, trafficking or importing a significant quantity of prohibited drugs. This page provides information about Armstrong Legal’s Sydney drug lawyers.

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It is critical that any person who is facing allegations or criminal charges ensures they have the best legal team on their side – from the date the allegation is first made. When a person is charged with drug offences, it’s important to have a Sydney drug lawyer assisting with the charging process, with decisions whether or not to participate in interviews or forensic procedures, with the making of a bail application and throughout the criminal matter. This is so regardless of whether the person plans on defending the matter, or pleading guilty.

Why Choose Armstrong Legal Sydney Drug Lawyers?

Our Sydney drug lawyers regularly provide legal advice in relation to the management and handling of allegations, police investigative techniques that clients should be aware of and the process of laying charging and going through court proceedings. We have Sydney drug lawyers on hand to provide advice in relation to dealing with police, bail applications, analysing a brief of evidence and whether or not the charges should be defended.

The police brief of evidence in drug matters is usually extensive and may include complicated expert evidence such as DNA, drug analysis certificates and evidence of a joint criminal enterprise if numerous people have been charged. Similarly, if the police have undertaken a controlled operation to investigate a clandestine lab or large-scale drug syndicate, the brief of evidence would most likely include surveillance not limited to telephone intercepts, CCTV footage and evidence from police informants.

While all our criminal lawyers will deal with drug matters from time to time, the below members of our team have particular experience in these types of matters. For one-off advice or representation, please feel free to call our lawyers on 02 9261 4555 or send us an email at [email protected] to arrange an appointment with one of our Sydney drug lawyers.

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Accredited Law Specialists Sydney

Angela Cooney

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - National Practice Director – Sydney

Trudie Cameron

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Practice Director – Sydney

The Best Lawyers in Sydney

Philip Vo

Criminal Law - Associate - Sydney

Sophie Ogborne

Criminal Law - Solicitor - Sydney

Liam McKibbin

Criminal Law - Senior Associate - Sydney

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Headshot of Angela Cooney

Angela Cooney

Angela Cooney is the National Practice Director of Criminal Law at Armstrong Legal and is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist (meaning she is recognised by the Law Society of NSW as a solicitor demonstrating specialised competence in criminal law).

Angela has a wealth of experience with drug-based offending, having appeared in both sentences and defended hearings for drug offences in the Local Court. She has instructed counsel in District Court trials and sentences, Supreme Court bail applications and appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal and is an experienced advocate.


Trudie Cameron

Trudie Cameron is the NSW Practice Director of Criminal Law at Armstrong Legal and is also an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist.

Trudie is particularly skilled at guiding her clients through the many different stages of drug matters. From the moment the allegation is made, Trudie will provide specific advice to her clients about safeguarding their best interests, navigating the charging and bail process and building a defence. Trudie has also appeared in drug matters as an advocate in the Local Court and District Court sentencing matters, and as an instructing solicitor in District Court trials, Supreme Court bail applications and appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.


Headshot of Liam McKibbon

Liam McKibbin

Liam McKibbin is a Senior Associate at Armstrong Legal. Liam draws on over a decade of experience in criminal law as a police officer, prosecutor and solicitor. He has appeared in relation to hundreds of defended hearings and Local Court sentences. Before joining Armstrong Legal, Liam worked in several investigative roles as a Police officer in the Kings Cross Local Area Command which vested him with unparalleled knowledge into Police drug investigation and procedure. This allows him to utilise his experience, including in covert policing operations, to secure the best outcomes for his clients. Liam is a highly experienced and skilled advocate having been accredited as a Senior Prosecutor and worked with the Serious Drug & Property Offences team during his prosecuting career. With Liam now working in defence, he works closely with his clients to understand their individual needs and identify the potential ramifications that may flow from their matter to develop a strategy to give them the greatest chances of success.


Headshot of Philip Vo

Philip Vo

Philip Vo is an Associate at Armstrong Legal. Philip is a passionate and diligent advocate for his clients, centering his practice on a client-focused approach to ensure that their matters are handled with impeccable skill and care. Philip has extensive experience in drug matters, ranging from multiple high-profile large-scale drug operations (including cultivation, importation, trafficking and supply) through to simple drug possession work. Philip’s wealth of experience with drug matters has seen him working closely with and fostered strong interpersonal relationships with Police, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the NSW Crime Commission which allows him to ascertain the most favourable outcomes for his clients.


Headshot of Sophie Ogborne

Sophie Ogborne

Sophie Ogborne is a Sydney lawyer at Armstrong Legal with previous experience in criminal law, civil law and family law, the criminal division of the District Court, and in the equity division of the Supreme Court. Sophie now exclusively practices in criminal and traffic law, and understands that a potential criminal conviction for drug offences can have detrimental consequences on one’s life, carers responsibilities and ability to earn a living. Sophie is particularly passionate about the interrelation between mental health and drug offences, and approaches her matters with diligence and compassion. Sophie’s compassionate approach, meticulous preparation and advanced advocacy skills allow her to obtain the best results for her clients.

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