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Top DUI Lawyers Sydney

Our New South Wales Criminal Law team has a number of solicitors experienced in representing clients charged with drink driving offences and other related offences such as driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol (DUI), driving with an illicit drug present in oral fluid and refuse/fail breath analysis.

The penalties that apply upon conviction for any of these offences involve an automatic and mandatory licence disqualification. Our Sydney drink driving lawyers recognise that this can have serious impacts on a person’s ability to carry out their employment duties, earn a living and provide for themselves and their family.

In addition to any disqualification, the court is required to sentence a person who pleads guilty or is found guilty of a drink or drug driving offence and can impose penalties ranging from a non-conviction penalty, , fines, conditional release orders (with or without a conviction), community corrections orders and intensive corrections orders. For serious offences, a penalty of imprisonment may be imposed.

Urgent DUI Legal Advice

It is important that any person who is facing a loss of licence due to drink driving or criminal charges ensures they receive timely legal advice so they understand their options and how best to prepare for court. It’s important they have the best legal team to support them. Our Sydney  drink driving lawyers regularly provide legal advice in relation to the options and prospects one faces in such matters, along with the court processes involved in the Local Court . We have people on hand to provide advice about dealing with police, possible appeals against immediate licence suspensions and whether or not the charges should be defended at court.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney DUI Lawyers

While all our lawyers’ practices will involve drink and drug driving offences from time to time, the below members of our team have particular experience in drink driving matters. For one-off advice or representation, please feel free to call our lawyers on 1300 038 223 or send us an email to arrange an appointment with one of our Sydney drink driving Lawyers who specialise in such offences.

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Accredited Law Specialists Sydney

Angela Cooney

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - National Practice Director – Sydney

Trudie Cameron

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Practice Director – Sydney

The Best Lawyers in Sydney

Philip Vo

Criminal Law - Associate - Sydney

Sophie Ogborne

Criminal Law - Solicitor - Sydney

Tyson Brown

Criminal Law - Senior Associate – Sydney

Sophie Ogborne

Criminal Law - Solicitor - Sydney

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Headshot of Angela Cooney trudie-cameron-lrg

Angela Cooney And Trudie Cameron

Our team is led by Angela Cooney and Trudie Cameron, both of whom are accredited specialists in criminal law. Angela has been recognised as a recommended traffic lawyer and Trudie as a leading traffic lawyer in the Doyles Guide, as voted by other solicitors and barristers.

Because of their seniority and recognition, Angela and Trudie appear in very serious examples of these types of offences, or for clients who have much at stake. They regularly assist the other lawyers in our team with their matters to ensure our clients have the best chance of obtaining a favourable result.


Headshot of Sophie Ogborne

Sophie Ogborne

Sophie Ogborne is a Sydney lawyer at Armstrong Legal with previous experience in criminal law, civil law and family law, the criminal division of the District Court, and in the equity division of the Supreme Court. Sophie now exclusively practices in criminal and traffic law, and understands that a potential criminal conviction and loss of licence can have detrimental consequences on one’s life, carers responsibilities and ability to earn a living. Sophie is a passionate and devoted advocate who prepares meticulously to achieve the best results for her clients.



Tyson Brown

Tyson Brown is a Senior Associate at Armstrong Legal who is known professionally for his comprehensive, no-nonsense and reasonable approach to his matters. Tyson has extensive experience in criminal and traffic matters, is well regarded by Magistrates and clients alike, and has lectured at Traffic Offender Programs providing him with unparralled insight and skills regarding traffic law. Tyson’s down to earth and straightforward approach to life and the law allows him to understands the impacts of a loss of licence and a criminal conviction for his clients. Tyson is dedicated in his preparation and representation of his clients which leads to him achieving excellent results.


Headshot of Philip Vo

Philip Vo

Philip Vo is an Associate at Armstrong Legal . Philip is a passionate and diligent advocate for his clients, centering his practice on a client-focused approach to ensure that their matters are handled with impeccable skill and care. Philip’s diverse experience in criminal law enables him to handle and succeed on both straightforward and complex  drink driving matters.

If you require legal advice or representation in any legal matter, please contact Armstrong Legal. 

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