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Armstrong Legal’s Sydney corporate crime lawyers regularly advise clients on matters involving corporate crime, most commonly those involving government agencies such as ASIC or the ATO.

Our Sydney corporate crime lawyers have extensive experience defending clients across Sydney and securing the best possible outcome for a variety of corporate offences. Our lawyers deal with all types of corporate crime, from the lower end of the spectrum through to the most serious matters that can attract lengthy periods of imprisonment.

What Is Corporate Crime?

Corporate crimes are offences committed by a person who has a position of authority within a company, business entity or individual acting on behalf of a business, or by the business itself. They can be committed by corporations as well as natural persons (individuals).

A company often commits corporate crime to deceive future or current investors, members of the public or other individuals, creditors or business rivals. Most corporate crime is non-violent and carried to gain a financial advantage. It may include corporate fraud (after February 2010), corporate fraud (before February 2010), insider trading, tax fraud and environmental offences.

If you or your corporation is being investigated on suspicion of committing a corporate crime, contact one of our Sydney corporate crime lawyers who can analyse your case and develop a strategy.


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Corporate Offences in Sydney

There are many corporate offences but they fall in into a few broad categories.

ASIC Offences

ASIC has the power to investigate any business they suspect has breached The Corporations Act or the Australian Securities and Investment Act. Offences covered under these acts include:

If you are under investigation for any of these ASIC offences, call an Armstrong Legal Sydney Corporate Crime lawyer on 1300 038 223.

Sydney Bankruptcy Offences

Under the Bankruptcy Act, it is an offence to:

These offences carry a maximum penalty of up to 3 years imprisonment.

Bribery Offences

Under the Criminal Code Act 1995 it is an offence to provide a benefit to another person in order to retain, retain and obtain business or a business advantage. Bribery offences are most common within the oil and gas and defence industries due to their interactions with foreign governments.

Sydney Environmental Offences

Courts have the power to fine corporations amounts exceeding $1 million for environmental offences and in some cases to impose prison sentences.

Some environmental offences are:

Insider Trading in Sydney

Insider trading occurs when an individual uses information they have obtained through their position within a company for a personal financial advantage or when they communicate that information to others who may use that information for their own financial advantage.

Typically, insider trading offences are regulated by ASIC and prosecuted by the CDPP.

SafeWork NSW Prosecutions

In situations where a person is seriously injured or loses their life while performing their job, SafeWork NSW may exercise its powers to prosecute. SafeWork NSW prosecutes in limited circumstances and only when it is in the public interests to do so.

If SafeWork NSW is investigating you, call our Sydney Corporate Crime lawyers to get advice about your situation.

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Defending White-Collar Crime in Sydney

Our Sydney Corporate Crime Lawyers also deal with what is sometimes called white collar crime. This includes forgery, identity fraud, money laundering and tax fraud.

Call our Sydney Corporate Crime lawyers on 1300 038 223 for an initial discussion.

How Can Our Sydney White Collar Crime And Corporate Crime Experts Help?

Our Sydney White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime lawyers are experts in their field. They have over 100 years of combined experience and can assist you with your corporate crime matter. From your very first conversation, they will share their knowledge of the law with you and help you to understand the process and the legal principles.

Our lawyers truly believe in helping people when they need it the most and empowering them to make the best decisions. They appear in the Local Court and District Court routinely and have the skills and experience to present your case in the best possible light so you get a favourable outcome.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime lawyers are caring and will work with you to ease some of the pressure while you’re being investigated.

For advice on corporate crime or for help with any other legal matter, call Armstrong Legal today on 1300 038 223.

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