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Drink Driving Offences

Being charged with a drink driving offence can be stressful. For many people, it is their first taste of the criminal justice system and they have no idea of what is likely to occur at court. This section of the site contains articles written by traffic lawyers about all the different types of drink driving offences. It has been designed to inform people charged with a Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA) offence or a Driving under the influence (DUI) offence of what penalties are likely to be imposed by the court.

For more information see the below articles.


Traffic offences are treated seriously. Therefore, it is important to get competent legal advice as early as possible, whether you have received a penalty notice, had your licence suspended or been charged with a serious offence. Our lawyers are highly experienced and understand the difficulties you face without a licence. We can guide you through the process while dealing with the various authorities related to your matter.


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