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Our New South Wales Criminal Law team includes solicitors who are highly experienced and well versed in representing clients who have been charged with fraud matters. This includes offences such as obtaining benefit by deception, Centrelink fraud, embezzlement, dealing in proceeds of crime, dealing in property reasonably suspected to be the proceeds of crime, destroying or concealing accounting records, providing false or misleading statements, and deceiving creditors by making false or misleading statements.

A criminal conviction for fraud offences is particularly frowned upon by most professions as these offences involve elements of dishonesty and deception. There is often a lot at stake for a person charged with these offences, not only because most fraud offences carry maximum penalties including imprisonment, but because the offence may affect a person’s current or future prospect of employment. Regulatory bodies such as the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or the New South wales Law Society may revoke registration or prohibit individuals from practicing because of a fraud or fraud related offence on their criminal record.

It is also not uncommon for fraud offences to attract the attention of the Australian or NSW Crime Commission which may take legal action to freeze assets or seek their confiscation or forfeiture in connection with a criminal prosecution for a fraud or fraud related offence.

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It is important that any person who is the subject of a current investigation or has been charged with a criminal offence ensures that they receive proper and timely legal advice. It is critical they are well aware of their options with respect to whether or not to speak to organisations, investigative bodies or police and may allow persons to avoid incriminating themselves. Our legal representatives ensure they understand all potential ramifications from the fraud offence, as well as the bigger picture with respect to how such may affect assets, employment, and dependants.

Our Sydney fraud lawyers regularly provide legal advice in such matters, along with advice about the court processes involved in the Local Court and or the District Court. They have appeared for clients charged with fraud-related offences prosecuted by both the New South Wales Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Commonwealth Office of Public Prosecution. They are also competent in dealings with the Australian and NSW Crime Commissions.

While all our lawyers’ practices will include fraud offences from time to time, the below members of our team have particular experience in fraud. For one-off advice or representation, please feel free to call our lawyers on 1300 038 223 or send us an email to arrange an appointment with one of our Sydney fraud lawyers who specialise in such offences.

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Accredited Law Specialists Sydney

Angela Cooney

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - National Practice Director – Sydney

Trudie Cameron

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Practice Director – Sydney

The Best Lawyers in Sydney

Philip Vo

Criminal Law - Associate - Sydney

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Headshot of Angela Cooney

Angela Cooney

Angela Cooney is the National Practice Director of Criminal Law at Armstrong Legal and is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist (meaning she is recognised by the Law Society of NSW as a solicitor demonstrating specialised competence in criminal law).

Angela has a wealth of experience with fraud offences, having appeared in both sentences and defended hearings for fraud matters.


Trudie Cameron

Trudie Cameron is the NSW Practice Director of Criminal Law at Armstrong Legal and is also an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist.

Trudie is particularly skilled at ensuring her clients are advised of their options at the early stages of investigations into fraud. Trudie will provide specific advice to her clients about safeguarding their best interests, navigating the charging and bail process, building a defence, dealing with any regulatory bodies and providing advice in relation to any applications for freezing or forfeiture orders. Trudie has also appeared in fraud matters as an advocate in the Local Court and District Court, and has also instructed counsel in the District and Supreme Court with respect to fraud matters and associated applications…

Headshot of Philip Vo

Philip Vo

Philip Vo is an Associate at Armstrong Legal. Philip relies on strong interpersonal relationships that he has developed with the Police, Office of Directors Public Prosecution and NSW Crime Commission. He works tirelessly to obtain favourable outcomes for his clients. He has experience in fraud related matters, and particular experience in dealing with matters involving funds which are the proceeds of crime, or reasonably suspected to be the proceeds of crime.

Philip is a passionate advocate for all his clients, which combined with his experience and knowledge makes him a formidable representative. Being aware of how overwhelming navigating through the criminal justice system can be, he takes on a compassionate but professional approach when advising his clients of their rights and options available to them.

He ensures that his advice is honest, transparent, and simple so that his clients are properly informed.

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