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Top Assault Lawyers Sydney

Our New South Wales Criminal Law team is highly experienced in representing clients who have been charged with assault offences at both Local Court and District Court levels. Assault charges cover a wide range of conduct, from something as simple as a push or punch to more serious matters including recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm and wounding with intent. This page provides information about our Sydney assault lawyers.

Urgent Legal Advice From Sydney Assault Lawyers

It is important that anyone who is charged, or might be charged, with an offence involving violence gets legal advice and representation as soon as possible. On many occasions our solicitors have taken initial conferences with clients who intend on pleading guilty to a charge, only to be advised that they might have a defensible case or that there is scope to negotiate the seriousness of the charge or to have the alleged facts amended.

It is also not uncommon for persons charged with assault to believe that they have no prospect of defending the charges simply because they are made to believe that the police case against them is strong. This may be because of CCTV footage or eyewitnesses. However, our team is experienced at identifying deficiencies in prosecution cases, ‘putting the prosecution to proof’ and determining whether self-defence may be available.

Where a person has been charged or is yet to be charged, it’s important to have a solicitor assisting with decisions about whether or not to participate in a police interview or consent to forensic procedures, whether to apply for bail (if applicable) and throughout the criminal matter.

Armstrong Legal’s Sydney Asasult Lawyers

While all our criminal lawyers appear in assault matters, the seriousness of the allegation (for example if the offence is to be finalised in the Local Court or the District Court, and whether there is a risk of full-time custody at sentence) will determine which solicitor best suits your matter. For one off-advice or representation, please feel free to call our lawyers on 1300 038 223 or send us an email to arrange an appointment with one of our Sydney lawyers who specialise in assault offences.

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Accredited Law Specialists Sydney

Angela Cooney

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - National Practice Director – Sydney

Trudie Cameron

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Practice Director – Sydney

The Best Lawyers in Sydney

Craig Robinson

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Special Counsel - Sydney

Sophie Ogborne

Criminal Law - Solicitor - Sydney

Tyson Brown

Criminal Law - Senior Associate – Sydney

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Sydney Assault Lawyer: Trudie Cameron (Accredited Specialist)

Trudie Cameron is the NSW Practice Director of Criminal Law at Armstrong Legal and is an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist (meaning she is recognised by the Law Society of NSW as a solicitor demonstrating specialised competence in criminal law).

Trudie has appeared for clients charged with assault offences ranging from common assault, recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm and assault police. She is particularly skilled at guiding her clients through the often confusing and stressful Court processes. She has successfully defended matters where the allegation is denied by her clients. She has also been successful in securing acquittals for her clients by raising self-defence and/or challenging the lawfulness of police actions in certain cases where her clients are charged with assaulting police.

Trudie has appeared in a vast range assault matters as an advocate in the Local Court and District Court sentencing matters, and as an instructing solicitor in District Court trials, Supreme Court bail applications and appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal and High Court. 

Headshot of Craig Robinson

Sydney Assault Lawyer: Craig Robinson (Accredited Specialist)

Craig Robinson is Special Counsel at Armstrong Legal. He is a highly experienced Criminal Law Accredited Specialist who has been practising for over 30 years. Craig’s experience, cross-examination skills and candour in the courtroom are highly regarded. He is well known to magistrates and judges and has earned a reputation over many years as a thorough, honest and persuasive advocate.

Craig is passionate about achieving the best result possible for each client. He has appeared in countless assault matters as an advocate in the Local Court for both hearing and sentence matters, and as an instructing solicitor in District Court trials and sentences, Supreme Court bail applications and appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.


Sydney Assault Lawyer: Tyson Brown (Senior Associate)

Tyson Brown is a Senior Associate at Armstrong Legal and has a wealth of experience in representing clients in assault matters of varying seriousness and complexity. Tyson has enjoyed tremendous success in negotiating lesser charges, and/or changes to the allegations with police.

Prior to joining Armstrong Legal, Tyson spent many years managing in pubs and clubs around Sydney. He brings his lived experience to the table in both providing clients with advice, appearing for them with respect to sentencing matters or providing advice in relation to assaults and affrays which are denied or where self-defence is available.

Many of Tyson’s clients have received the benefit of reduced charges and/or seriousness of the allegations. This is due to Tyson’s diligent review of assault allegations, and his transparent and persuasive engagement with NSW police.


Headshot of Liam McKibbon

Sydney Assault Lawyer: Liam McKibbin (Senior Associate)

Liam McKibbin is a Senior Associate in our Criminal Law team. Liam draws on over a decade of experience in criminal law as an investigator, prosecutor and solicitor. He is a highly experienced advocate and has run hundreds of defended hearings and Local Court sentences, many of which involving assault charges.

Liam works closely with his clients in order to understand their individual needs and to identify the potential ramifications that may flow from a criminal matter. Armed with this information, he will work together with his client and their family to prepare a strategy which will give them the greatest chances of successfully navigating the matter. Because of his past experience as a police officer and prosecutor, Liam is able to utilise his knowledge of investigative strategies, procedure and policies to ensure his clients receive the best possible outcome.

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