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Crookwell Court Lawyers

When you are facing a serious legal issue, you want the best lawyers for the job – those with skill, experience and expertise in their area of law. At Armstrong Legal we have many accredited specialists who have been formally recognised by the Law Society as experts in their area of law.

Our lawyers travel all over New South Wales to assist people with court, appearing regularly at Crookwell Local Court. Whilst you are welcome to come and visit us in person, that is not always necessary as our lawyers can advise clients via phone or video appointments. We assist people from all over New South Wales with their legal problems and our clients come to Armstrong Legal because we are the best people for the job.

Our experienced lawyers practise in a number of areas of law including criminal law, traffic law, family law, administrative law, corporate crime, commercial law and contested wills. Our lawyers can offer immediate advice and support when you need it most.

You can rely on our team to provide a prompt service and maintain confidentiality at all times. We are committed to providing our clients with thorough, timely, high quality legal advice. Contact us to access an experienced legal team and gain peace of mind with representation from true professionals who can provide valuable legal advice at an affordable price.

Armstrong Legal

Armstrong Legal is a professional law firm that is home to accredited specialists in law. The legal practice has been established for a number of years and has helped thousands of Australians with legal advice. Our expert lawyers are here for you no matter your situation. Armstrong Legal is home to a number of specialist lawyers who attend Crookwell Court regularly. We are available to help now. We can do appointments via phone or video link – whatever is most convenient to you.

Why choose our law firm?

  • We strive to provide our clients with accessible, personalised and affordable legal advice.
  • Our office staff are friendly and reliable.
  • We apply our legal expertise and lateral thinking skills to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Armstrong Crookwell Law Firm

Goulburn Street. Crookwell, 2583

Why choose our Crookwell law firm
  • We strive to provide our clients with accessible, personalised and affordable legal advice.
  • Our office staff are friendly and reliable.
  • We apply our legal expertise and lateral thinking skills to achieve the best possible outcome.

Accredited Law Specialists Crookwell

Alun Hill

Accredited Specialist in Contested Estates Law - National Practice Director – Sydney

Angela Cooney

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - National Practice Director – Sydney

Mal Zraika

Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation - National Practice Director - Sydney

Trudie Cameron

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Practice Director – Sydney

Natasha Heathcote - Practice Director – Sydney

Accredited Specialist in Family Law

Craig Robinson

Accredited Specialist in Criminal Law - Special Counsel - Sydney

Kelly Weston

Accredited Specialist in Contested Estates Law - Special Counsel - Sydney

The Best Lawyers in Crookwell

Zak Tayyar - Special Counsel - Sydney

Commercial Law

Liam McKibbin

Criminal Law - Senior Associate - Sydney

Tyson Brown

Criminal Law - Senior Associate – Sydney

Philip Vo

Criminal Law - Associate - Sydney

Vanessa Barnsley

Family Law - Senior Associate - Sydney

Christine Apurel

Contested Estates - Solicitor - Sydney

Sophie Ogborne

Criminal Law - Solicitor - Sydney

Shayla Chedid

Civil Litigation - Solicitor - Sydney

Crookwell Local Court

Crookwell Local Court is located on Goulburn Street in Crookwell. The Local Court is where all adult summary crime and traffic law offences are finalised and where all criminal matters commence. The court also deals with applications for Domestic and Personal Violence Order applications.

Serious indictable criminal matters are finalised in the higher courts. The District Court of NSW does not sit at Crookwell, so although your matter may commence there, it will likely be finalised in Goulburn when the District Court is sitting.

The Crookwell Local Court also sits as the Children’s Court when dealing with criminal matters where the accused is under 18. The court is closed to the public when it is sitting as the Children’s Court.

If you are attending the Crookwell Local Court, ensure you arrive early and make your appearance known to the sheriff’s officer, associate or registrar who is noting appearances. You must then wait until your matter is called, which may not be until mid-morning, or later, depending on how busy the list is. Crookwell is not a large courthouse and people generally congregate outside until the magistrate is ready to deal with their matter.

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Taking the next step and contacting a lawyer can be scary. Our lawyers will make you feel comfortable so you can talk about your situation.

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Parking is readily available on Goulburn Street and in the surrounding side streets. We suggest you find an all-day park, as it is difficult to estimate how long court will take.

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Crookwell Courts

Representing clients in court is a critical component of Armstrong Legal’s Crookwell Lawyers daily activities. Our lawyers appear regularly in the below courts.

Crookwell Local Courts

The Local Court is the court where all criminal matters involving adults commence. It is also the court that finalises summary criminal matters, including traffic offences, and Apprehended Domestic Violence Order applications.

Crookwell Children’s Court

The Crookwell Local Court sits as the Crookwell Children’s Court for matters involving people under the age of 18. These are held in the same room as the Local Court, but anyone not connected with the case will be asked to leave when the Children’s Court is sitting.

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