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We have over 60 traffic law articles that have been designed to help you understand the offence you may have committed; what penalties the court could impose; what will happen at court, and what options are available to you to keep your licence.

Choose from the menu on the left for comprehensive details about traffic offences, the court system, the penalties that can be imposed and how to get the best possible result. But first you may want to read the 7 reasons listed below explaining why you should choose Armstrong Legal for the best result in your traffic matter.

7 reasons to choose Armstrong Legal:

1. Experience In All Areas Of Traffic Law

Armstrong Legal gets exceptional results because we understand traffic law as our Traffic Law Team practices exclusively in criminal and traffic law matters.

As one of the biggest criminal firms in NSW, you can rest assured that you will receive competent and honest traffic law advice and representation.

Our team includes two accredited specialists in criminal law, a former Police Prosecutor, a former Roads Authority Prosecutor. This gives us a unique insight into handling your traffic law matter.

2. We Know The Courts And Magistrates

At Armstrong Legal, each of our ten traffic lawyers attends court on a daily basis and our team would appear in over 800 traffic offences a year. We are familiar with all the courts in NSW. We know the magistrates and we understand how best to approach them.

3. Effective And Timely Communication

We will keep you fully informed at all times of the progress of your case and the dates of your court appearances. When you leave your first appointment with us, you will receive an estimate of your legal fees or a fixed price quote.

4. Winning Strategies From Thorough Preparation

In most cases the best result is achieved before you go to court through careful preparation.

For a plea of guilty, each of our solicitors has a thorough knowledge of what they are going to say, so that they can sell you before the court. Unlike some other lawyers, we do not read our submissions as we have found that once a lawyer takes their eyes off the magistrate, it gives them permission to look down, stop listening and re-read the police documents.

For a plea of not guilty, you need to be ready to give evidence. While we cannot tell you what to say, we can prepare you to give evidence. We can simulate a court room setting so that you understand what will occur and the types of questions you are likely to be asked.

5. Fixed And Fair Cost Estimates

In most traffic matters we fix our legal costs so that you will be completely satisfied when we obtain a great result for you.

Where it is not possible to fix our costs we will be open and honest about the costs we charge. You will be provided with a realistic cost estimate at the initial conference. Our costs can often be reduced if you assist us in the preparation of your matter.

What you don’t pay for

Our clients do not pay for:

  • Faxes
  • Postage
  • Telephone charges
  • Photocopying (small volume). Large volumes of photocopying is outsourced and charged at cost (about 12 cents per page)

6. Our Lawyers Get Exceptional Results

According to Judicial Commission statistics, Armstrong Legal consistently gets results that score in the top 5%. We win many traffic matters where other law firms gave our client no chance of success.

7. Your Best Chance Of Getting A Section 10

The term “section10” refers to section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999. This section gives a Court that finds you guilty of a traffic offence the power to discharge you without recording a conviction. Because there is no conviction, there is no criminal record and no loss of licence.

If you would like our honest opinion about your chances of a Section 10, please call us on 9261 4555. We have access to sentencing statistics for all offences and can tell you what proportion of people who plead guilty to your offence receive a section 10.

What You Will Find In This Section Of Our Site

If you would like to speak with one of our experts in traffic law, please click here to book an appointment or phone our office on 1300 146 568.



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