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Other Will Disputes

Contact Armstrong Legal:
Sydney: (02) 9261 4555
Melbourne: (03) 9620 2777
Brisbane: (07) 3229 4448
Canberra: (02) 6288 1100

Alun Hill

In addition to contesting a will by bringing a family provision application and challenging a will by disputing the validity of the will or part of the will, there are many other types of will disputes that executors, beneficiaries and other interested parties can participate in. Other will disputes include:

  • Disputes about the terms of a will (construction cases);
  • Disputes about an error or mistake in a will (rectification cases);
  • Disputes where the deceased person’s death has been unlawfully caused by a person with an interest in the will (forfeiture rule cases);
  • Disputes about whether the executor should be removed from their position (executor removal cases);
  • Disputes about how the estate should be administered or whether the estate has been properly administered (estate administration cases); and
  • Disputes about the making of a will for a person who does not have testamentary capacity (statutory will cases)

Our team practices exclusively in wills and Estates Law and are here to guide you through the process to the best possible outcome. If you are involved in a will dispute, or are considering becoming involved in a will dispute, or if your have a question, we encourage you to call us on 1300 168 676

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Have you been left out of a Will or treated unfairly? We offer a free assessment of your case and a no win no fee policy. We have a specialist team that deals only in Wills & Estates servicing NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, SA & WA. The law relating to Wills and Estates can often be complex and confusing so we encourage you to make contact with our team.

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Contact Armstrong Legal:
Sydney: (02) 9261 4555
Melbourne: (03) 9620 2777
Brisbane: (07) 3229 4448
Adelaide: (08) 8410 0055
Perth: (08) 9321 5505