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Why Choose Us

Our contested estates lawyers handle hundreds of contested estates matters each year. All of our Contested Estates lawyers deal with contested estates daily. We are familiar with all aspects of wills and estates law and will handle your matter from the first step until final resolution with sensitivity, compassion and professionalism.

Exceptional Results

When you choose a lawyer you want one with a proven track record who will deliver the best possible outcome. The growth of our firm since its inception in the 1980s has been the result of consistently high performance representing clients in civil and criminal matters.

Winning Strategies

Our contested estate lawyers work as a team of professionals who support and share their knowledge with each other. We recognise that each case is unique and will work to develop a strategy to maximise your chance of a favourable outcome.

A  Specialised Team of Lawyers

Our contested estates lawyers are a dedicated team that specialises in wills and probate law. They will work hard to get the best result possible for you.

We Know Contested Estates Law

Our contested estates lawyers are well versed in the latest legislative developments and with a large body of case law. They are well placed to present your case in the best possible light to help you get your desired outcome.

Honesty and Respect

Armstrong Legal operates with honesty, openness and respect. We will handle your matter with sensitivity and understanding, knowing you have entrusted us to deal with matters of the utmost importance.

Effective and Swift Communications

We pride ourselves on answering clients’ telephone calls and correspondence promptly and keeping you updated throughout your matter. We endeavour to continually improve the service we provide and how we communicate with clients. At the conclusion of every matter we survey clients to understand how well we performed on their matter. These surveys have allowed us to implement improvements to our approach to servicing and advising clients.

Fixed and Fair Cost Estimates

Before the end of your first appointment, we will provide you with an estimate of your legal fees or give you a fixed price quote.

If you have any questions about challenging a will or wills and estates law, contact us on 1300 038 223 or send us an email.

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