Contravention is a breach of court orders. Court orders are directions made by the court which must be followed. Therefore, a contravention of these orders is when someone is not following orders made by the court.

To inform the court of the contravention, an application for contravention will need to be filled out. This application tells the court which orders are not being followed. Armstrong Legal can advise you if an application for contravention is appropriate and of any other methods that can be used.

When to use an application for contravention

You would use an application for contravention if you want the orders to be followed and wish to seek punishment for non compliance.

It is essential that you seek legal advice before filing this application.

Punishment for contravention of court orders

The punishments that can be given for not following the orders of the court include

  • The person is put on notice
  • Changes are made to the orders
  • The court ensures that the orders are followed
  • The person is fined
  • The person faces imprisonment.

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