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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is where a child has been exposed or involved in sexual behaviours that are manipulative and inappropriate to their age.

Examples of sexual abuse include sexual penetration, inappropriate touching, exposure to sexual acts and pornographic materials.

The harm experienced by a child as a result of these behaviors is highly significant in the child’s wellbeing. Harm resulting from sexual abuse includes bodily injuries and infections, disturbances and impaired emotional development.

Considerations of the court include the role of intimidation or unequal power in a relationship that is claimed to be consented to, the child’s age and the nature of the relationship.

There is no single cause of child abuse. Children may be abused for a number of reasons, these include:

  • Various addictions for example drugs, alcohol etc.
  • Parent not being able to cope
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anger management issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
  • Mental illness

While physical signs (such as bruises) or changes in behaviour may be a cause for concern, these indicators have also been seen in children who have not been subjected to abuse. If you have concerns for a child’s safety and well being contact the Department for Child Protection to discuss your concerns on 1800 622 258.

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Amelia Trotman - National Practice Director – Brisbane

This article was written by Amelia Trotman - National Practice Director – Brisbane

Amelia is an accredited family law specialist and has practised in family law for over 15 years.  Over that time she has developed an excellent reputation and a leading family lawyer in complex parenting matters (including domestic and international relocation matters and matters involving family violence) as well as complex financial matters involving complex asset structures, spouse maintenance and financial...

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