Why Choose Us

The focus of our family law team is to help clients “move on” with their lives following a marriage or relationship breakdown. We do this by providing expert advice about family law matters including:

  • Custody – Who children should live with;
  • Contact – How often will children see the other parent;
  • Divorce – Parties getting a divorce;
  • Property Settlement – How property and superannuation are to be divided;
  • Spousal Maintenance – How to get money to help a party pay weekly living expenses;
  • Child Support – How to get money to help pay for children’s weekly living expense.

We can provide the expert family law advice as our family law team have lawyers who are accredited family specialists with over 20 years experience giving advice to clients about all aspects of family law.

Our aim is to minimise the stress on our clients in difficult circumstances with our team understanding the importance of resolving family law matters as quickly as possible and achieving this through exploring all avenues of dispute resolution including mediations and arbritration. If dispute resolution is not appropriate then our team will provide comprehensive advice and guidance through the court process. Our family lawyers regularly appear in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court in relation to family law matters.

We also provide strategic advice to assist in avoiding stressful and costly property settlements through the use of financial agreements that can be entered into before or during a relationship or marriage. We do not only focus on the law but what is practically right for our clients. We achieve this through our relationships with other professionals such as accountants, taxation and superannuation experts and financial planners. We prefer that our client’s do not have to be involved in a dispute about how property is to be divided in the unfortunate situation of separation.

We carefully select the most appropriate lawyer for each of clients and this ensures that each of our clients receive the representation that is specific to their needs.

Our experienced Victorian family law team can provide comprehensive advice in relation to all family law matters.


Taking the next step and contacting a family lawyer can be scary. Our lawyers will make you feel comfortable so you can talk about your situation. But first, ask yourself, Do I really need a lawyer?


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