Do I need a family lawyer?

When you’re faced with family breakdown, divorce, or another family legal problem, one of the decisions you need to make is whether to use a lawyer. Some families manage their way through the legal side of things without any formal legal advice.

It really depends on how difficult your situation is, and on what’s at stake. This checklist may help you decide whether you need a lawyer to help you.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you are more likely to benefit from legal advice.

  • Are there children involved?
  • Are you unsure what you’re entitled to?
  • Has your partner hired a lawyer?
  • Is violence an issue or a possible issue?
  • Do you feel emotionally unprepared to handle the negotiations yourself?
  • Is there likely to be disagreement over the dividing of property or assets?
  • Is your partner likely to want to move interstate, overseas or far away with your children?


Taking the next step and contacting a family lawyer can be scary. Our lawyers will make you feel comfortable so you can talk about your situation. But first, ask yourself, Do I really need a lawyer?


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