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Despite being the most isolated state in Australia, our WA lawyers are available to help you with a wide range of legal matters. They are all certified by The Law Society of Western Australia. Whether you’re in the capital city of Perth, Kununurra or Fremantle, our WA lawyers are equipped to provide a wealth of legal knowledge specific to your situation.

Call our WA lawyers on 1300 038 223 for a free and confidential conversation.

Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers cover a multitude of legal issues including financial agreement in contemplation of de facto relationship, financial agreement in contemplation of marriage, child bearing expenses, adoption, blended families, marriage separation including divorce, property settlements, wills and estates, ASIC offences, ASIC investigations, coronial inquests – workplace related, environmental offences including illegal tree removal, forgery, identity fraud, asset forfeiture, aircraft offences, drug offences, importation offences, perjury and false statements, and traffic offences.

Across WA there are many courts; Supreme Court of WA, Family Court of WA, State Administrative Tribunal, Children’s Court of WA, District Court of WA, Magistrates Court of WA, District Court of WA, Warden’s Court of WA and the Coroner’s Court of WA.

Some matters fall under federal jurisdiction and will be heard by the Family Court of Australia or the High Court of Australia.

Our WA lawyers will be able to inform you about which court your matter is likely to be heard in if it ends up going to court.

WA Family Lawyers

Families break down for a number of reasons and Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers understand that during the challenging time of a family break up, or dispute your emotions are running high.

You might be wondering if you even need a family lawyer. If you’ve answered any of the questions on the Do I Need A Family Lawyer? page then it’s likely that a family lawyer could improve your situation.

Our lawyers are experts in their area of expertise and will guide you through if you’re in a custody dispute, child abduction (locally or internationally which is dealt with under the Hague Convention), de facto separation, marriage separation or property settlement.

The Family Law Act 1975 influences how our WA lawyers practice. The law was established on the belief that when children are involved, their best interests, rather than those of the parents are given paramount attention and consideration.

To have an initial conversation with one of our WA lawyers, call 1300 038 223. They will listen to all the facts you give them and be able to offer their advice based on their extensive knowledge of Family Law.


WA Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is a sensitive topic and it receives a lot of attention and discussion in the community due to its prevalence. It is often a factor in de facto separation, marriage separation or child custody matters however it generally won’t make a difference to property settlement proceedings.

Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers who specialise in Family Law and come across domestic violence regularly can explain to you in great detail how it’s defined.

Our WA lawyers can assist you with a Violence Restraining Order (VRO) application or a Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO) application if you are concerned for the safety of you or a family member.

To get in touch with a WA lawyer for a confidential discussion call 1300 038 223 and they will present you with advice that is unique to your individual situation.

Previous clients have told us that they have experienced lower anxiety levels and been able to compile better quality evidence when they have been in contact with one of Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers.

Criminal Lawyers

WA Criminal Lawyers

WA criminal law drew inspiration from Queensland’s legislation and codified criminal law in a single piece of legislation, the Criminal Code Compilation Act 1913 (WA). Other statutes such as the Firearms Act 1973, the Road Traffic Act 1974 and the Local Government Act 1995, plus many others.

Armstrong Legal’s team of WA lawyers who specialise solely in criminal law understand the value of information and belief that time is of the essence, particularly in criminal proceedings. They are proud of the work they do and strive to help you when you need it the most.

If you’re facing a criminal charge or are worried that you might be charged with a criminal offence, it’s imperative you gain legal advice from one of Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers at the earliest possible moment so you are better positioned to receive the most positive outcome.

Our WA lawyers can give you advice on offences such as assault, affray and public violence, drug offences; and help you prepare defences, a written apology or character references if your case is going to be decided by a Judge or Magistrate. They will also share information around penalties and sentencing.

WA Traffic Lawyers

They may seem minor on first impression because they’re widespread, however Magistrates treat traffic offences very seriously.

It’s important you contact one of Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers if you have been charged with a traffic offence. They are experts in dealing with traffic offences and can help you receive a reduced penalty, for example, if you need to drive for work they may be able to get your penalty reduced from a full loss of licence to a restricted/conditional licence. They can advise you on your options and how to approach your traffic offence charge.

Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers are passionate about helping people in their darkest hour and want to get you the best possible outcome in your circumstance.

Give them a call on 1300 038 223 for an initial discussion on your legal matter.

Contested Wills Lawyers

WA Contested Wills Lawyers

Any situation involving the legal system is always going to be tense and laden with emotion, especially when a loved one such as a family member has died. It’s even worse when you find at the reading of the will that you have not received what you believed you were entitled to.

In order to challenge a will you must meet certain criteria according to the Family Provision Act 1972. This criteria includes being the deceased’s:

• Spouse or de facto partner
• Former spouse or de facto partner if they were receiving (or entitled to) maintenance from the deceased
• Children
• Step-children in some circumstances
• Grandchildren in some circumstances; and
• The deceased’s parents.

Time is of the essence. You must apply for a larger share of the estate within six months of the grant of probate of the will.

For legal advice, contact our WA lawyers on 1300 038 223. They will be able to answer any questions you have surrounding the execution of the will.

Costs and payments

Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers can sometimes offer you a no win no fee agreement. Generally these agreements are reserved for situations where a financial benefit is likely. If you are unlikely to win your case our lawyers will let you know at the first opportunity.

For other cases we have three payment options available:

• Pay upfront
• Pay as you go
• Pay at the end of the matter

Each case will be assessed on its own merits and we will offer you a payment option based on your financial position.

Armstrong Legal’s WA lawyers do not offer Legal Aid, however you might be eligible for a grant subject to meeting certain criteria.

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