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Get professional legal advice or services from a top-rated law firm in Karratha with extensive experience.

When it comes to court cases, it’s important to have an accredited lawyer on your side who’s well-versed in the law and has experience in getting you results. That’s why you should look no further than Armstrong Lawyers, one of the most highly-acclaimed Karratha Court lawyers out there. Our team of accredited lawyers are passionate about their work and truly dedicated to their clients’ success and seeing them through this process with as little stress as possible. If you need any legal help, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

It’s important to remember that settling a court case involves negotiating with an opposing party. If you’re not feeling well prepared, it may be time to consult with one of Armstrong Law Firm’s Court Lawyers in Karratha. To speed up the process, they can often work out the details and paperwork while you prepare your argument.

Armstrong Legal Lawyers Karratha

Armstrong Lawyers are a top-rated law firm with extensive experience in court cases. We are one of the leading law firms in Karratha – specializing in many different areas of law such as family law, administrative law, corporate crime, commercial law, contested wills, traffic law, criminal law and much more. Our Armstrong Legal Karratha law firm is home to a number of the top local lawyers available to help now.

They know the local rules and regulations which are applied to cases in this area. They can keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in court procedure. They know all of the judges, and can give you advice about each one based on your case’s particulars. The firm has been around for a number of years, and is one the most experienced law firm in Karratha.

Hire a lawyer in Karratha for your court needs today!

Legal Advice

We can provide you with legal advice, which will allow you to feel prepared for any eventuality, and our court lawyers have the expertise needed to guide you through the court process. In addition, we are reliable and trustworthy, so that your personal information is protected from coming into contact with anyone who could use it against you.

The law is complicated and getting legal advice beforehand can help ease the pressure of legal proceedings. It also helps to have a professional take charge of your case who knows the ins and outs of the courtroom. A lawyer should be able to offer great legal advice with regards to your specific case and whether or not you are on solid ground when it comes to proceeding with a lawsuit. Sometimes the legal process can drag on for months, so it is important to have someone on your side who understands how the system works and knows how long everything will take. An experienced Karratha court lawyer will understand what you are going through and ensure that all of your needs are met, including being understanding about financial constraints. Our local Karratha lawyers can offer legal advice and support for all legal situations.

You will find that our rates are very affordable and fair – because we care about getting you the best possible outcome at an easy price!

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Accredited Law Specialists Karratha

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Family Law

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Family Law

The Best Lawyers in Karratha

Shay Duce - Senior Associate - Perth

Criminal Law

Cally Hannah

Civil Litigation - Solicitor - Perth

Karratha Courthouse

The Karratha Courts are located on Balmoral Road in the heart of Karratha, approximately 1500 kilometres from Perth. Karratha is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia approximately 240 kilometres from Port Hedland.

The Karratha Courts have two courtrooms and sits as both the Magistrates Court and District Court, hearing criminal or civil matters, at the same time.

The Children’s Court also sits at Karratha, hearing summary criminal matters where the accused person is aged under 18. When a care and protection of children matter is filed in the Karratha Court, it will be transferred into the Perth Children’s Court list, which will deal with the preliminary mentions. If the matter goes to contested hearing, a Perth magistrate will travel to Karratha to hear the matter locally.

The Karratha Courts operate on a circuit basis meaning that they only operate on certain days of the week. There is no permanent magistrate at Karratha, so you may see a different magistrate each time.

If you have a matter in Karratha Courthouse, you should arrive at court early. You should be neatly and conservatively dressed and be prepared to be at court for several hours. If you are unsure of which courtroom your matter will be heard in, you should ask the registry staff.

If you are unable to attend court in person due to travel limitations or other issues, you should contact the court as soon as possible to try to arrange to appear via phone.

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There is limited parking available at Karratha Courthouse and there are limited public transport options available. You should ensure that you have travel arrangements prior to your court date to ensure you are able to attend. If you are attending court for a traffic matter, where a licence disqualification period may be imposed, do not drive to court.

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Karratha Courts

Representing clients in court is a critical component of Armstrong Legal’s Karratha Lawyers daily activities. Our lawyers appear regularly in the below courts.

Karratha Magistrates Court

 It is the court which deals with adults who are charged with a criminal offence. It finalises simple offences such as minor traffic and criminal charges. It is also the court that hears applications and trials for all restraining order matters and minor civil claims.

Karratha District Court

The Karratha District Court deals with serious indictable offences and civil disputes.

Karratha Children’s Court

The Children’s Court also sits at Karratha, hearing summary criminal matters where the accused person is aged under 18. When a care and protection of children matter is filed in the Karratha Court, it will be transferred into the Perth Children’s Court list, which will deal with the preliminary mentions.

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