The Perth Magistrates Court is located at 501 Hay Street, Perth and is opposite the District Court of Western Australia.

The Magistrates Court is the court which deals with adults who are required to appear in court after being charged with a criminal offence. The Magistrates Court finalises simple offences such as minor traffic and criminal charges. It is also the court that hears applications and trials for all restraining order matters and minor civil claims.

Checking into court

Once you pass through security on the ground floor, the court lists are displayed on screens next to Caffissimo Café. The screens will display your full name and which courtroom and floor your matter will be heard in. If you are appearing in a restraining order matter, the names of the parties and the courtroom are displayed on A4 sheets of paper pinned to the bottom of the screens. When you have located the courtroom you are to speak to the court orderly inside of the room to check into the court

Parking and public transport

If you are driving to the Perth Magistrates Court, there is Wilson Parking located at 517 Hay Street and another located on 102 Pier Street which is approximately a 4-minute walk from court. There are also many buses that travel through Hay Street including bus numbers 103, 160, 177, 24 and 930. You can also catch a train to Perth Underground Station which is an 8-minute walk to the Magistrates Court.

Ensure you arrive at court prior to the time your matter is listed so you are able to locate the courtroom in which your matter will be heard. Although your matter is listed for a specific time, you may not be called till later in the day. You should be prepared to be at court for most of the day. You should be neatly dressed, and wear closed shoes.

Contact Information

Telephone:      9425 2222

Facsimile:       9425 2776

Email:             [email protected]

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