The Brisbane Arrest Court is the Magistrates Court located at 240 Roma Street, Brisbane City. This court is often confused with the Magistrates Court located at 363 George Street. Parking is very limited around the Brisbane Arrest Court; however, there is good access by public transport.

If you are required to appear at the Brisbane Arrest Court you should arrive no later than 8:30 AM. It is a busy court and there is often a long line to pass through security. Once inside there will be a volunteer who can tell you your allocated matter number and direct you to the courtroom.

The Brisbane Arrest Court is the starting point for all criminal matters arising from the Brisbane CBD and sits Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. If you are given a Notice to Appear by police or are held in custody for an offence, you will be required to appear before this court first.

This court ordinarily operates two courtrooms. Court 1 is used to adjourn matters or to conduct short pleas of guilty for less serious offences. Court 3 is used to hear bail applications for people being held in custody.

If you are representing yourself, you should then see the police prosecutor in the courtroom. While you may represent yourself before a court, you should seek legal advice as to your options and legal rights.

If you are required to sign bail undertakings, good behaviour bonds or any other court documents, this can be done at the registry located behind the security desk.

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