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Running a business is a huge undertaking. Aside from wanting to operate at a profit, you also need to consider your legal obligations so that you can keep operating without disruption. Corporate law is complicated which means mistakes can be made and our Brisbane Corporate Crime lawyers are here to help if you require legal advice.

If you’re being investigated by ASIC or the ATO, or if criminal charges have been laid against your company or persons acting on its behalf, then our corporate lawyers should be your first point of contact to help get the best possible resolution.

Our lawyers act with dedication and tenacity when managing clients’ cases. Whether it’s a tax fraud, insider trading or money laundering allegation, our team of qualified lawyers will assist you every step of the way.

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What Is Corporate Crime?

Broadly speaking, corporate crime is crime committed by a corporation, or a person acting on behalf of a corporation. Corporate crimes are often undertaken with the intention to deceive investors, clients or competitors for a financial gain and the penalties can range from fines imposed on individuals or on the company through to imprisonment.

Corporate law is complex and companies and individuals can commit offences  without even realising. Whether you’ve operated a business for a while or you’re new to business and unsure of your legal obligations, give our corporate lawyers a call. With their extensive knowledge of the law, they’ll answer any questions you have about the obligations of companies and their representatives. If you’ve been charged with an offence and need legal representation, they will ensure your matter is thoroughly prepared and fight for the best possible outcome.

What Is considered White-collar Crime in Brisbane?

White-collar crime is finically motivated, non-violent crime, which is generally carried out by someone of high social standing in the course of their employment. White collar crime is not necessarily carried out by or on behalf of a company. The most common white-collar crimes involve fraud or dishonesty.

If you are being investigated for, or have been charged with white-collar crime, you will need a lawyer to ensure that all allegations against you are thoroughly tested.  Our Brisbane corporate crime lawyers are well versed in white-collar crime and will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Brisbane Corporate Crime Offences

Armstrong Legal’s Corporate Crime Lawyers cover the whole range of corporate crime. They take pride in providing sensitive and professional legal services to clients in their hour of need. Some of the areas of corporate crime that our lawyers deal with regularly are outlined below.

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ASIC Offences

ASIC exists to uphold the Corporations ACT and the Australian Securities and Investment ACT. It has the authority to launch civil, criminal or administrative actions when a person or company fails to comply with the legislative framework they provide. The legislation contains various offences such as:

If ASIC is investigating you for any of these offences or you’ve been served with a Section 19 Notice or a Section 63 Failure to Comply with Requirement Notice call our Brisbane corporate crime lawyers on  1300 038 223 and we’ll guide you through the process.

Bankruptcy Offences (Queensland)

When a person is bankrupt they are restricted from certain activities. If a person conducts any of these activities while bankrupt they will be guilty of an offences under the Bankruptcy Act.

If you have carried out any of these activities, the most common penalty is imprisonment. Bankruptcy offences are unlikely to lead to a financial penalty so it’s vital that you engage a lawyer to assist you.

Bribery Offences

Under the Criminal Code Act 1995, domestic and foreign public sector bribery are an offence. Bribery offences are more common in certain industries than others and like other corporate crime offences they are carried out for a financial or business gain.

Brisbane Environmental Offences

Environmental offences include abandoning a mine site, contaminating land, illegal littering and dumping and waste management breaches. The Department of Environment and Service is responsible for compliance with environmental laws and enforcement of environmental offences.

Talk to our lawyers if you’re worried that you’ve broken the law or if you’re under investigation for environmental offences.

Insider Trading in Brisbane

Insider trading is using confidential information which is not public knowledge and which one has obtained through one’s position for personal financial gain or for the benefit of another person.

If you’d like advice on insider trading, give Armstrong Legal’s Brisbane Corporate Crime Lawyers a call.

Brisbane Work Health And Safety Queensland

Worksafe Queensland is the government department that handles the regulation of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. It is responsible for ensuring that businesses comply with work health and safety legislation.  In the event there was a serious injury or death at your workplace and you need some advice, call our Brisbane Corporate Crime Lawyers on 1300 038 223.


Forgery is the falsification of documents. Forgery offences include:

  • Make false document
  • Use false document
  • Possession of false document
  • Possess equipment to make false documents
  • Possess items to make false documents

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is the use of another person’s identity fraudulently and without their consent. Identity fraud offences include:

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the concealment of money that has been gained through illegal activities. It is often concealed through sophisticated organised crime syndicates. Money laundering is a federal offence that is prohibited under the Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1988 and the Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. The CDPP has the authority to prosecute a person that it suspects has committed a money laundering offence.

Tax Fraud

Tax fraud is not specifically legislated in state or federal legislation. Rather, if you commit tax fraud it is likely that you will be prosecuted on allegations of another offence such as fraud. Tax fraud is a serious offence that attracts severe penalties, including imprisonment.

What Types Of Corporate Crime Can We Assist With?

We can assist all Queenslanders with the whole range of corporate crime offences.

How can our Brisbane White-Collar Crime and Corporate Crime Lawyers help?

We understand that legal matters are stressful and that many professionals are not familiar with corporate crime legislation. Our Brisbane Corporate Crime lawyers are available from 7am until midnight via telephone to address your concerns and help you with all your corporate crime matters.

Rather than going through the court process alone, with our Corporate Crime Lawyers, you will be guided through the principles and procedures and empowered to make the best decisions. Our Brisbane Corporate Crime Lawyers will ensure you get the best possible outcome and that the court is made aware of every factor in your favour.

If you require advice on corporate crime or any other legal matter call us on 1300 038 223 or email us.

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