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All of Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers are recognised by the Law Institute of Victoria which maintains the industry’s professional standards and serves as an area of expertise for those within the legal industry.

From the city to the outback, Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers work across the state, so whether you’re in Melbourne or Echuca and need help with a legal matter, our legal professionals are ready to help you.

To speak with one of our Victoria lawyers about your legal matter call 1300 038 223.

Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers are equipped with knowledge in a range of legal matters such as child support, de facto separation, international family law, criminal law including affray and public violence, Centrelink fraud, drug offences, firearm and weapon offences; and more serious legal cases such as robbery or murder and manslaughter; bankruptcy offences, forgery, identity fraud, tax fraud, culpable driving causing death, hoon driving offences and vehicle impoundment; and contesting or defending a will.

Victoria’s court system is extensive which each of the courts performing a different role. The main courts in Victoria include the Supreme Court of Victoria, County Court of Victoria, Magistrates Court of Victoria, Children’s Court of Victoria, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Coroners Court of Victoria.

Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers can advise you on which court your case is likely to be heard on if it goes to court.

Our Victoria lawyers are here to help you no matter where you’re based in Victoria. If you would like to talk to a lawyer give us a call on 1300 038 223 for a free and confidential discussion.

Victoria Family Lawyers

A relationship break up can be a stressful time because often the parties involved are at different emotional stages. It is even more stressful if there are children involved or property matters to consider.

Family law is handled on a national basis with the Attorney General’s Department overseeing the related legislation; which our Victoria lawyers are well versed in.

Our lawyers are approachable and will help you navigate the difficult process. Generally they will work with you to resolve your legal matter through mediation and negotiation, without needing to go to court. If however your matter does need to go to court our Victoria lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in the Children’s Court of Victoria.


Victoria Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic violence is heavily related to Family Law and ultimately refers to violent, threatening or other behaviour that coerces or controls a member of the person’s family (the family member), or causes the family member to be fearful.

It is all too common and our Victoria lawyers are sensitive and considerate when dealing with matters.

Your domestic violence matter may involve assault, sexual assault, repeated derogatory taunts or damage to property.

Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers can assist you with your Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO) application if you would like to apply for one. They can also assist you if you are the respondent and have had an FVIO taken out against you.

Criminal Lawyers

Victoria Criminal Lawyers

The Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) and the Criminal Procedure Act 2009 (Vic) codify the vast majority of crimes in Victoria.

If you have been charged with an offence it’s important you have legal representation and a Victoria lawyer can advise you on the likely penalties, defences, the Criminal Justice Diversion Program, plea bargaining and how to prepare if your matter is going to be heard before a court.

Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers specialise in criminal matters and can support you through a difficult time.

Victoria Traffic Lawyers

Despite traffic offences being common, there is a misconception that they are just minor misdemeanours, however the Courts in Victoria treat them very seriously. Although there is little chance you will go to prison for a first offence, repeat offenders may receive a prison sentence or a suspended sentence.

Traffic offences dealt with by our Victoria lawyers include drink driving, careless driving, dangerous driving or hoon driving.

One of Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers who specialise in traffic offences can assist in defending you at court. They can argue for a reduced penalty or decreasing the penalty from one category of punishment to another, for example, from imprisonment to a suspended sentence or good behaviour bond.


Victoria Drink Driving Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with drink driving it is likely that it is your first contact with the criminal justice system and that can be a stressful and challenging time. You may not have any idea of what to expect.

It’s imperative that you contact Armstrong Legal so that you can be represented by a qualified and experienced Victoria lawyer who will guide you every step of the way.

Some drink driving offences will lead to an instant infringement notice while others must go to court. It depends on the type of drink driving offence you are charged with.

An Armstrong Legal Victoria lawyer can act on your behalf and represent you if the matter does go to court.

Contested Wills Lawyers

Victoria Contested Wills Lawyers

It’s always difficult when someone close to, such as a family member or close friend dies. It’s more complicated when you discover that you were left out of a will or didn’t receive what you thought you were entitled to in the estate.

In other situations you might have received what you were entitled to, however someone else didn’t so you need to defend the will. Our Victoria lawyers can assist you if you are in this position. As there is a time limit in which you can contest a will, it’s imperative that you get legal advice as soon as possible.

Our Victoria lawyers offer a free assessment and may work on a no win no fee basis, so there are no upfront costs.

Corporate Crime Lawyers

Victoria Corporate Crime Lawyers

Corporate crime is a broad are of lawyer and Armstrong Legal has Victoria lawyers who specialise in this domain. They are equipped with navigating a complex regulatory area.

Our corporate crime team is extensive with two accredited specialists in Criminal law, a lawyer who previously conducted litigation at the Australian Tax Office, a former police detective and two former prosecutors and practitioners who hold business and commerce degrees in addition to their legal qualifications.

Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers deal with a range of matters including ASIC investigations, fraud (before 2010) and fraud (after 2010), bribery, insider trading and environmental offences.

Our lawyers are experts in their field and may provide knowledge about penalties and sentencing.

Costs and payments

In certain cases Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers will work on a no win no fee basis which means no legal fees are required upfront. Typically these agreements are available in cases that are likely to result in a monetary amount being awarded at the conclusion of your matter.

For other cases we offer three payment options:

• Pay your legal costs upfront
• Pay your legal costs as you go
• Pay your legal costs at the end of the matter

All cases will be assessed on an individual basis and Armstrong legal can offer a payment option based on your financial position.

Armstrong Legal’s Victoria lawyers do not offer Legal Aid, however you may qualify to apply for a Legal Aid grant.

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