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If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you may require the services of one of Armstrong Legal’s ACT criminal lawyers. The Law Society of the ACT is the leading body for the legal profession in the ACT and issues practising certificates to all of our lawyers.

If you have been charged or are being investigated for criminal offences, call one of our ACT lawyers on 1300 038 223 for a free and confidential conversation.

Our ACT lawyers are experienced professionals with broad and wide-ranging experience who can share their knowledge with you. They have experience in representing clients on charges of drink driving, street racing, menacing driving, neglect, sexual abuse, parenting plans, challenging a will, other will disputes, assault, Centrelink fraud, computer offences, extortion, grievous bodily harm (GBH), murder and manslaughter, theft offences; and corporate crime including ASIC investigations and ASIC offences, bankruptcy offences, fraud (after February 2010), fraud (before February 2010), insider trading and tax fraud.

ACT courts include the Supreme Court, Magistrates Court, Coroner’s Court, Children’s Court, Industrial Court, Family Violence Court and the Court of Appeal. The Galambany Court is reserved for certain cases involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander defendants and focuses on restorative processes when hearing matters.

No matter where you are in the ACT, whether it’s Canberra, Gungahlin or Tuggeranong, our ACT lawyers can assist with any legal matter that is concerning you.

ACT Family Lawyers

Family relationships are complex, especially when you’re dealing with parental responsibility or blended family matters.

Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers have wide-ranging family law knowledge and can assist you whether you’re going through a painful de facto separation, marriage separation or need help with a financial agreement in contemplation of marriage or a financial agreement in contemplation of a de facto relationship.

Our ACT lawyers are also equipped to assist with legal concerns such as parenting plans, child custody, divorce applications, contraventions/breaching orders, litigation in family law proceedings and domestic violence.

If you’re worried about your safety, an ACT lawyer can advise you on how to apply for a Family Violence Order (DVO) or a Personal Protection Order (PPO).


ACT Domestic Violence Lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s ACT family lawyers are equipped to deal with matters involving domestic violence. Domestic violence is extremely common and can affect a person’s legal matters in numerous ways.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and need help with a Family Violence Order (FVO) or a Personal Protection Order (PPO), one of our lawyers can offer a no-obligation consultation.

Our ACT lawyers are compassionate and understanding and assist both males and females who are experiencing domestic violence.
They can also provide information about the relevance of criminal proceedings in family law and the relevance of family violence in family law property settlements.

Criminal Lawyers

ACT Criminal Lawyers

Two pieces of legislation, the Crimes Act 1900 and the Criminal Code Act 2002 codify criminal law in the ACT; which Armstrong Legal’s lawyers are knowledgeable in.

When you are facing a criminal charge such as assault, break, enter and steal, drug offences, firearm and weapons offences or robbery, it’s imperative that you get yourself legal advice at the first opportunity. An ACT lawyer is adept at interpreting legislation for you and defending you if your matter is head before a court.

They can also share their knowledge about the difference between summary offences and indictable offences; as well as communicating information with you about the range of penalties and how to prepare for court.

ACT Traffic Lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers deal with traffic offences on a daily basis. Traffic offences are dealt with through the Magistrate’s Court. They are treated seriously and can attract penalties from demerit points and fines through to full-time imprisonment.

Traffic offences in the ACT include drink driving, dangerous driving, failure to stop and assist, doing burnouts, menacing driving, and street racing amongst other offences. Our ACT lawyers deal with traffic offences and penalties specific to the ACT including demerit points and immediate licence suspension.

If you have been served with an infringement notice or are worried that you will need to go to court, then call Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers for a confidential discussion about your matter.


ACT Drink Driving Lawyers

Drink Driving is a criminal offence in the ACT and Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers can assist you with your drink driving matter. They are caring and committed to assisting you with your drink driving charge and understand that for many people it is their first contact with the criminal justice system, which could be quite terrifying and unnerving.

Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers have the skills and knowledge to help you navigate the criminal justice system, including going to court and what it could mean for your employment or travel plans if a criminal conviction is recorded.

Ultimately it is your choice if you want to represent yourself in court; however our ACT lawyers will use their expertise to help you receive the best possible outcome.

It is vital that you speak to one of our ACT lawyers so you can get advice specific to your individual circumstance.

Contested Wills Lawyers

ACT Contested Wills Lawyers

After a loved one dies you will more than likely experiencing a range of emotions. This may be made even more difficult if you have discovered at the reading of the will that you were either left out entirely, or that your share of the estate was significantly less than what you thought it would be. Our ACT lawyers are experts in helping with will challenges, or on the flipside can help you defend a will against a challenge.

Armstrong Legal ACT lawyers includes a team of lawyers who are dedicated to helping you through the process of challenging a will.
As there is a time limit of 12 months to challenge a will in the ACT, timliness is crucial and it is imperative you speak to one of our ACT lawyers at the first opportunity.

Our ACT lawyers will generally give you the opportunity to have the work completed with a no win no fee agreement so you won’t need to find the money for legal costs at an already stressful time.

Corporate Crime Lawyers

ACT Corporate Crime Lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers include a corporate crime team with over 100 years of experience defending clients charged with corporate crimes. They can assist in a variety of corporate crime matters including ASIC offences such as carrying on financial services business without a licence or dishonest use of position, bribery, forgery, identity fraud, insider trading or tax fraud.

When you’re being investigated for corporate crime, it’s important you enlist the services of an ACT lawyer with specialised experienced. They can give you advice on the best course of action including available defences and likely penalties.

Our team of ACT lawyers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and take great pride in being able to assist businesses as well as individuals with any legal issues that arise in the course of running a business.

Costs and Payments

More often than not, it’s difficult to find the funds to pay for a lawyer and they are often unexpected costs so you may not have the funds available to do so.

Fortunately, Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers offer multiple payment options. In some instances they can draw up a no win no fee agreement, so you won’t be required to pay the legal fees up front.

In other situations, other payment options are available:

• Pay upfront
• Pay as you go
• Pay at the end of the matter

Your individual circumstances will be taken into consideration when determining an appropriate payment plan.

Armstrong Legal’s ACT lawyers do not offer Legal Aid, however you may qualify for a Legal Aid grant subject to meeting criteria.

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