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Criminal law encompasses a wide range of offences, from minor summary offences such as disorderly conduct, to drug offences, violent offences, sexual offences and property offences. People who are charged with criminal offences are handled in many different ways. Whether you have been summonsed to court, arrested and bailed or remanded in custody, our Canberra Criminal Lawyers are here to help you navigate the criminal justice system and get the best possible outcome in your matter.

Talk to one of our Canberra Criminal Lawyers today. They have superior knowledge of the law and will the experience to realistically advise you on your prospects of being found guilty and the sentence you are likely to receive. Our Canberra Criminal Lawyers have a great understanding of the possible penalties, defences, how to prepare for court and what a criminal record means for your future travel and employment opportunities.

The team is available from 7am until midnight 7 days a week on 1300 038 223 so give them a call to discuss your situation and get some clarity and peace of mind.

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Juvenile Matters

If your child has been charged with criminal offences and is facing the Children’s Court, contact our Canberra Criminal Lawyers today for the best legal advice and representation for him or her. Our Canberra Criminal Lawyers will tell you all about the Children’s Court process, alternatives to the court system for eligible children and how the court deals with young people who are in criminal trouble.

Professionals And High-Profile Clients

If you are a professional or a person with a public profile, being charged with criminal offences can be very confronting. If you are convicted of a criminal offence you may end up with a criminal record, which you may be required by law to disclose to your employer and to professional associations. In Canberra if you have a criminal record you’re unlikely to qualify for a Working With Vulnerable People Registration.

In other words, your reputation and community standing may be significantly damaged if you are found guilty of criminal offences.

Our Canberra Criminal Lawyers provide a discreet and professional legal service that will leave you feeling confidant that all allegations against you will be thoroughly tested and that the court will be made aware of every factor in your favour.

What Is A Warrant?

A warrant is an order that authorises the police to do certain things. Different types of warrants can be issued giving the police authority to do different things.

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Search Warrant

A search warrant gives police the authority to enter and search premises if they suspect that they contain evidence in a criminal matter. The warrant gives them the right to enter, even if the occupant does not consent to their entry.

A preventative search warrant gives police the right to enter your premises within 24 hours of the warrant being issued. A general search warrant can be executed up to 72 hours after its issue.

If a police officer wants to enter your premises and says that they have a search warrant, you have the right to view that warrant. If they take anything from your property, they must give you a receipt with the details of what they’ve taken.

Call our Canberra Criminal Lawyers for more information on your rights and responsibilities when dealing with a police officer who has a search warrant.

Arrest warrant

An arrest warrant gives the police the authority to place a person under arrest. An arrest warrant is valid for 30 years after its issue.

For advice on what to do when a warrant has been issued for your arrest contact our Canberra Criminal lawyers on 1300 038 223.


Bail is release from custody before the charges against you have been finalised. When you are granted bail you promise that you will abide by the conditions attached to your bail and that you will attend court on the next occasion you are required to do so. You can apply for bail at any time up until the conclusion of your case.

Courts are reluctant to grant bail in cases where the offender has a history of failing to appear at court or where they have previously breached their bail conditions.  It is also unlikely a person will receive bail if they are alleged to have committed violent offences are a potential danger to the community or to a particular person.

If you have been remanded in custody, contact our Canberra Criminal Lawyers for advice about applying for bail. They will ensure your bail application is thoroughly prepared so that any concerns the court has about releasing you can be allayed.

Bail Conditions

If you are granted bail, it is likely that conditions will apply such as:

  • being required to surrender your passport;
  • not going to a specific person or place;
  • reporting regularly to the police;
  • attending a drug rehabilitation program;
  • paying a surety (amount of money);
  • residing at an approved address;
  • attending court when required.

If you fail to attend court or breach any of the conditions imposed when you are granted bail, it is likely that you will have your bail revoked.

How Our Canberra Criminal Lawyers Can Help

Whatever stage your criminal matter is up to, our Canberra Criminal Lawyers can help you to maximise your chances of a favourable outcome.  Whether you are applying for bail, pleading guilty or taking a matter to trial, our team of talented lawyers will ensure you understand the process and all your options so that you can make the best decision at every step of the way.

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