Philip Vo

Philip Vo

Criminal Law - Associate - Sydney

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Philip holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Economics from Western Sydney University, and has completed a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the Australian National University. He was admitted to practice in New South Wales from 2017.

Over the years, Philip has worked in multiple areas of law, including criminal, civil, commercial,  property, bankruptcy, and estates. Drawing from his vast experiences, he now dedicates his practice exclusively in criminal and traffic law.

Philip has represented high profile criminal cases, particularly involving large scale drug operations. His diverse experience has enabled him to cover both straightforward and complex matters ranging from drink driving offences to drug enterprises across multiple locations and acts. Having worked closely with the Police, Office of Directors Public Prosecution and NSW Crime Commissions, he has fostered strong interpersonal relationships that have ascertained favourable outcomes for his clients.

Philip is a passionate advocate for all his clients, seasoned with his experience and knowledge. Being aware of how overwhelming navigating through the criminal justice system can be, he takes on a compassionate but professional approach when advising his clients of their rights and options available to them. He ensures that his advice is honest, transparent, and simple so that his clients are properly informed.

Central to his practice is his client-focused approach, working diligently to ensure their matters are handled with impeccable care. Philip is confident and always driven in delivering outstanding service and results for every client.

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