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Immigration Law

Australian immigration law is the body of law that deals with immigration into and deportation from Australia. Immigration law in Australia is governed by the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994. It includes the regulation of visas, the administration of immigration detention centres and grants of citizenship. It also includes visa cancellations and the revocation of citizenship.

Immigration law is a subset of administrative law, which deals with the review of decisions by government decision-makers. When the Department of Immigration makes a decision in relation to an application for a visa, this decision is reviewable by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Decisions of the AAT are reviewable by the Federal Court and the Federal Circuit Court. This is what is known as judicial review. 

This section of the site contains information about immigration law, including different classes of visa such as the Child Visa, the Refugee Visa and the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa. It also contains information about citizenship and permanent residency. 


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