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Why Choose Us

Our corporate crime lawyers are passionate about delivering the best results to individuals and companies charged with corporate crimes. With a thorough knowledge of the law and a breadth of experience representing corporate clients, our lawyers will fight to achieve the best possible result for you in the shortest possible time frame.

Exceptional results

Our corporate crime lawyers have a record that speaks for itself. We’ve achieved remarkable results for our corporate clients through our tenacity and genuine desire to help people and businesses. Our exceptional results have allowed us to grow from a small office in the 1980s to a national firm with offices around the country.

Strategic approach

Winning any fight requires skill, hard work and a carefully thought-out strategy. Our corporate crime lawyers will go through the allegations against you with a fine-tooth comb and work out the best strategy to put the prosecution case to the test. We will talk through all your options with you and make you feel empowered to make the best decisions for your situation.

Thorough preparation

Whether you are contesting charges or presenting a plea in mitigation, our lawyers will ensure your matter is thoroughly prepared. This may involve issuing subpoenas, calling witnesses, obtaining character references and spending time with you discussing your past and present circumstances. Our lawyers will put in the hard yards to ensure that they are in a strong position to advocate for you so that you have the best chance of a good outcome.

Specialised lawyers

Armstrong Legal’s corporate crime lawyers specialise in corporate crime and have decades of experience between them. They’ve handled the full range of corporate crime matters and are accustomed to seeing matters through from their first mention to final resolution.

Honesty and respect

Armstrong Legal’s corporate crime lawyers pride themselves on honesty and integrity. They will be honest, transparent and realistic with you throughout your case. They will ensure you know what is likely to happen at each court event and will show you respect at all times.

Effective and timely communication

Our lawyers ensure they return your calls and reply to your emails quickly so you’ll never be left wondering what’s happening with your case. We’re always trying to improve our service so after your matter is complete we’ll send you a survey so we can continue to understand our clients’ needs and improve our performance.

Fair costs and estimates

It’s important to know the likely costs of getting legal representation before you engage our services, so we will give you with an estimate of the total cost of running your matter at the first meeting or phone call we have with you.

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