Abolition of Public Drunkenness Offences (Vic)

  Since the mid-1800s, offences relating to public drunkenness have existed in Victoria and other Australian jurisdictions. These offences criminalise various forms of drunkenness, with some of the Victorian offences not even requiring the drunkenness to have been accompanied by disorderly behaviour. The utility of these offences is now being questioned, with a proposal to abolish them in favour of a health-based approach to alcohol abuse. This article deals with public drunkenness offences in Victoria. Current public drunkenness offences Currently, under the Summary Offences Act 1966, there are several criminal offences that relate to an individual being found to be… Read More

Djokovic v Minister for Immigration

  On 16 January 2022, the Full Court of the Federal Court affirmed Immigration Minister Alex Hawk’s decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa to enter Australia to take part in the Australian Open. The tennis star had initiated judicial review of the Minister’s decision on the basis that the decision was unlawful. This article summarises the arguments that were made by both sides and the public response to the decision. Basis for Djokovic’s visa cancellation Djokovic’s visa was cancelled under section 116 of the Migration Act, which empowers the Minister to cancel a person’s visa if particular circumstances exist. Read More
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