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Low Range Drink Driving – BAC: 0.059

Personal circumstances of our client

Age: 23 years old
Driving experience: 4 years
Prior PCA or DUI charges: Nil
Prior traffic convictions: Nil
Employment details: Apprentice Plumber
BAC – Blood alcohol concentration: Our client registered a reading of 0.059
Location: New South Wales (NSW), Australia

What were the circumstances leading our client to being breath tested?

Stopped for the purpose of a Random Breath Test.

Penalties that can be given to a person charged with Low Range PCA

1st major traffic offence within 5 years

  • A conviction and maximum fine of $1,100.00
  • A maximum disqualification period of 6 months
  • A minimum disqualification period of 3 months
  • An automatic disqualification period of 6 months

Sentence Statistics for offenders charged with Low Range PCA (July 2006 – June 2010)

Section 10 dismissal/bond: (11644) 41%
Fine only: (16392) 58%
Good behaviour bond/probation: (301) 1%
CSO: (11) <1%


Penalty obtained by Armstrong Legal

No conviction, no disqualification and no penalty. Matter discharged under Section 10(1)(a) Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act.

This was an excellent outcome for our client, as he is a young driver who needs his car for work.

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