High Range Drink Driving – BAC: 0.170

Offender Information and facts

Age: 25 years old
Driving experience: 9 years
Prior PCA/DUI charges: 0
Prior traffic convictions: 5 speeding offences
Employment details: Electrician
BAC – Blood alcohol concentration: Our client registered a reading of 0.170
Location: New South Wales (NSW), Australia
What were the circumstances leading our client to being breath tested? Lost control of the motor vehicle and collided with a stationary vehicle. Submitted to a roadside random breath test. Arrested and taken to police station for a breath analysis.

Penalties that can be given to a person charged with High Range PCA

1st major traffic offence within 5 years

  • A conviction and maximum fine of $3,300.00
  • A maximum prison term of 18 months
  • An unlimited maximum disqualification period
  • A minimum disqualification period of 12 months
  • An automatic disqualification period of 3 years

Sentence Statistics for offenders charged with High Range PCA (July 2006 – June 2010)

Section 10 dismissal/bond: (421) 2%
Fine only: (6332) 40%
Good behaviour bond/probation: (4516) 28%
CSO: (1809) 11%
Suspended sentence: (604) 4%
Suspended sentence & probation: (902) 6%
Periodic detention: (346) 2%
Home detention: (131) 1%
Prison: (822) 5%

Penalty obtained by Armstrong Legal

  • A conviction
  • A community service order (CSO) for 175 hours
  • A disqualification for 18 months
  • Court costs


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