Fraud and cyber-crime to watch out for in the age of Corona

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the way in which people commit crimes does too. For years there has been an upward trend in the commission of fraud and cybercrime offences. The more people that tap and go means fewer people with large amounts of cash in their wallets, homes or businesses. Most electronic goods are no longer as valuable as they used to be at resale online or to cash converters. The combination of this and increasing home and business security means break and enters, and … Read More

Going to Court during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are presently in a global pandemic. Governments around the world have announced measures and policies to deal with and limit the spear of the COVID-19 virus. The Australian government, like most other countries, has taken significant steps which has included banning entry to Australia by non-residents, self-isolation measures for people who have returned from overseas or may have been exposed and proposals to introduce new laws and offences to implement and enforce these measures. The virus has impacted most sections of our society. Sport is being played in empty stadiums, movie cinemas have temporarily closed their doors, people have… Read More
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