Juvenile Detention – Youth Justice Centres

The role of the Children’s Court is to hear and determine certain criminal matters involving children who are accused of committing crimes. All charges will start in the Children’s Court, and most will be finalised there. However ‘serious children’s indictable offences’ will be finalised in adult courts, following certain procedures pertaining to children’s matters.  Much like adults, a child will only be sentenced for a crime where they have either plead guilty or be found guilty. The sentencing regime and the types of … Read More

What does Pell mean for me?

The recent decision of the High Court in Pell has captured the interest of not only Australians, but also the world. But what does the case mean for individuals who also find themselves accused of historical sex offences? George Pell was tried before a jury in relation to allegations of five historical sex offences made by one complainant in relation to both himself (male A) and another young male (male B). The allegations put before the jury were that in December of 1996, males A and B, who were both members of the Church choir, broke away from… Read More
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