Unlawful Possession of a Licence

Under section 30 of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Act it is an offence to unlawfully possess an Australian or external drivers licence without lawful authority or excuse.

To convict you of an offence under this section the Police must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you:

  • Possessed a licence that was:
    • Issued to someone else;
    • Forged, fraudulently changed or changed in a way calculated to deceive; or
    • Resembling a licence that is calculated to deceive.
  • Forged or fraudulently changed or used a driver licence;
  • Fraudulently lent or allowed to be used by someone else a driver licence;
  • Changed a in a way calculated to deceive; or
  • Defaced, damaged or otherwise interfered with a driver licence.

All references to driver licences in this provision refer to Australian licences and external licences.

The maximum fine if you are convicted of an offence under this section is 20 penalty units.


In NSW, traffic offences are treated seriously. Therefore, it is important to get competent legal advice as early as possible, whether you have received a penalty notice, had your licence suspended or been charged with a serious offence. Our lawyers are highly experienced and understand the difficulties you face without a licence. We can guide you through the process while dealing with the various authorities related to your matter.


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