Susana Farate - Senior Associate - Perth

Susana Farate – Senior Associate – Perth

Criminal Law

1300 038 223

Susana has experience in complex legal matters and manages difficult cases involving serious indictable offences such as murder, sexual offences and trafficable drugs offences. She is skilled at giving legal advice in relation to trial matters, and also appears as counsel at trial and in sentencing matters, achieving good outcomes on behalf of clients in higher courts for serious offences.

Susana’s personable and friendly nature has meant that she has fostered good relationships among her clients and her colleagues. Her goal in all of her cases is to achieve the best outcome possible for her client.

Due to her multidisciplinary experience Susana has a well-rounded understanding of the different circumstances which lead to offending behavior. She will give advice about practical steps that clients can take not only to mitigate their offending and achieve a lenient sentence but also to try to instigate change in their lives.

Good experience, the lawyer explained things well and put my mind at ease.

Wonderful! VERY quick response. Appt made the next day. Total grasp of my situation and a plan put in place straight away.

Very professional and non-judgmental. Timely feedback within the proposed timeline.

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