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Aurhett Barrie - Solicitor – Sydney

Aurhett Barrie – Solicitor – Sydney

Aurhett Barrie - Solicitor – Criminal Law

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As a former Judge’s Associate Aurhett has rare insight into how cases are heard and decided. This knowledge allows him to persuasively advocate for his clients’ interests, both inside and outside of a courtroom.

He has spent his career practising exclusively in criminal and traffic law and has advised hundreds of clients on an extensive range of matters. He takes a friendly, but professional approach with each and every client to ensure that they fully understand their rights and the options available to them. He does this by explaining legal processes in a simple and clear way while focusing on the practical consequences of any decision. He recognises that every client’s matter is deeply important to them and is committed to providing ongoing support and keeping them informed at every step.

Having earned a Master of Laws (Criminal Practice) with Distinction, Aurhett has a highly-developed ability for technical legal analysis which, together with his practical knowledge, allows him to provide outstanding service to his clients and achieve the best outcomes possible.


Go with Aurhett, He’s the best. He and his firm were a saving grace for me in a time when I needed it most. Aurhett provides excellent legal advice like everyone at Armstong Legal but he also was a great personal support; When doubt crept into my mind about my case he was easily a phone call or an email away to reassure me that we were doing the best that we can. He takes complicated legal terms and explains it clearly & concisely, he’s deadly efficient and VERY well priced. Aurhett was realistic, he’s professional but relatable, quick but thorough. If there’s a best possible outcome then you can bet he’s aiming for it. and I can honestly say in regards to my case: he did not disappoint. I personally wish to thank Armstrong Legal and their team for their efforts.

Very happy with service and level of professionalism. Solicitor communicated effectively and was always responsive. Would strongly recommend Armstrong Legal.

Aurhett Barrie was my solicitor from Armstrong Legal. Aurhett was very professional and always personally friendly with the matters of my case. Aurhett gave my case the best possible outcome and I could not be more happy with his efforts! Aurhett was very organised which made the process less stressful for myself. He showed great experience and knowledge in his profession. I thank you Aurhett with deep gratitude for the services you provided and all you have done for me.

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