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Zoe Durand

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Zoe Durand

Zoe is a formidable litigator having worked at some of Sydney’s leading international and national commercial law firms, including K&L Gates (formerly Middletons) and HWL Ebsworth. Clients benefit from her tenacious and thorough approach in leaving no stone unturned to obtain the best result for them. Zoe holds a Bachelor of Law Degree with first class honours from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), a Bachelor of Arts degree with first class honours and a Masters of Applied Family Law.

It was her passion for helping people which led her to change the direction of her career from commercial law to specialising in family law.

Zoe has experience in property settlements and matters involving children. She has a particular interest in contested matters where shared care of child is in dispute or cases involving allegations for abuse or neglect. Zoe has worked at the National Children’s and Youth Law Centre, which provides legal assistance to children and has also worked as a Court appointed Independent Children’s Lawyer. This means she acted on behalf of children whose parents were in contested litigation in Court regarding parenting arrangements. This experience has given her a unique insight into the perspectives and needs of children whose parents are separating.

Although Zoe has a strong litigation background, having worked in commercial litigation and also as a Court appointed Independent Children’s Lawyer, she understands some clients prefer to resolve matters amicably. In this regard Zoe is qualified to conduct Collaborative Law matters and has completed her Collaborative Law training in accordance with the standards of the International Academy of Collaborative Professions (ICAP) the Law Council of Australia Guidelines. Zoe is also in the process of becoming qualified as a Mediator to conduct family law mediations. She has completed her Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Practice. This training has given Zoe a detailed understanding of the mediation process and settlement strategies.

As a legal author and editor Zoe has written the Family Law case notes for the NSW Law Society Journal, which involves a review of the latest important family law cases. This publication is circulated to all lawyers practising in NSW.

Zoe is a co-founder of Women’s Nexus, a professional and business women’s networking organisation that has received media attention and has hosted talks from leading professional and business women, including Judges of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, who hear family law matters. She is also a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, the Women Lawyers Association of NSW, the Asian Australian Lawyers Association, the French Australian Lawyers Society and Alliance Francaise de Sydney. She holds both Australian and Taiwanese Citizenship and the equivalent of French Permanent Residency ("Carte de resident").

Away from the law, Zoe enjoys writing poetry and prose, yoga, dance classes and Australian beaches. Zoe is also involved in art fundraising for charity and is the co-founder of a business and professional women’s network organisation.


Thank you for these useful pieces of information. Also thank you very much for your advice on this.

I find the letter excellent and you may send it at your earliest convenience. I completely agree with all the points that you just made. Please send your excellent and apt response, which does not require any amendment. In addition, I agree with the strategy that you have outlined.

The French barrister from Paris recommended by you Zoe to assist with my other matter in France has been great. The French barrister is being very competent, helpful, and generous (he has revised his fees in light of my difficult financial situation). So, thank you Zoe for this excellent reference. I expect to continue to work with this barrister on my other family issues in France.

Thank you for sending me the financial update about my account. And thank you Zoe for trying to rein in my costs.

I have greatly appreciated your legal services. Thanking you once again for your help and services.

Thanks so much Zoe!! Thanks for everything and take care.

A huge thanks to Zoe, Christine and the team at Armstrong Legal for the exceptional management of my recent family law matter. Zoe was not only across all requirements, she was responsive and quick to act at all stages and gained a great result.

Thank you so much for your personal approach. I really appreciated the way you can pick up people when they are most vulnerable and work to assist them in such a caring manner. It really is beautiful and most appreciated. Thanks not only for your legal advice and expertise but also your reassuring words and manner and your kindness.

It has been a pleasure working with you, only wish that I had listened to you the first time but we will get this sorted.

Thanks for all your help with everything. It's a big relief to finally have everything sorted and to be able to move on with my life.

It was a pleasure meeting you. I found todays discussion invaluable.

Thanks for your time today. It was great to get the insights about my situation from an expert. I hope to get in touch soon.

Thank you both so much for a focused, informed, effective (and at times humorous!) effort today at mediation.. I can't tell you how relieved I am that the entire matter is resolved and to bypass the whole courtroom nightmare and to have my kids with me..

I am truly grateful. I hope we stay in touch.

Thank you very much for your time, advice and kindness. I am truly grateful and felt inspired and strong when I left you.

Thanks for all your help with everything. It's a big relief to finally have everything sorted and to be able to move on with my life.

As the barrister instructed, I also wanted to say that the way you managed this case was wonderful, both the first time round and again on the other’s party current application to reopen the matter.

Your approach and management of the matter was balanced and reasoned. As always your preparation went above and beyond.

Congratulations to you for the Judgement in our client’s favour.

In 2012, feeling anxious and out of my depths, I contacted Armstrong Legal to help me with a child custody dispute.

There I was introduced to Zoe Durand, Family lawyer, who took on my matter.

From the get go, Zoe has been warm and comforting; carefully taking in the abundance of information I'd given her, while always keeping me informed of the many possible outcomes of my matter and giving constructive advice and guidance that has helped navigate me through what would have otherwise been an impossible whirlwind.

Having Zoe as my representation has given me a sense of comfort and much needed relief.

Through almost 3 years of litigation, Zoe has stayed strong and productive when faced with receiving constant correspondence, reviewing/composing lengthy documents, drafting of letters and somehow managing other clients.

During times where my matter became overwhelming, Zoe was always able to prioritise what did and didn't need attention, gently shifting focus to the points of importance, saving me time and also money in fees.

Approaching court hearings and especially in the lead up to my trial, Zoe worked incredibly hard and put her all into making sure all parts of my documents and evidence were completed and completed well.

She threw herself in the deep end and went above and beyond all my expectations.

To this day, Zoe continues to represent me to this standard and continues to do everything in her power to achieve excellent results for me; in and out of the courtroom.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have this outstanding, empathetic, and hard working solicitor representing me and would highly recommend her services.

Christine you've been amazing and I promise you haven't been forgotten!

Dear Zoe,

I am quite sad to hear that you will no longer be the Independent Children’s lawyer in this matter, but that is me being selfish.

I have worked with two excellent ICL’s in matters in the Family Court since commencing family court work. There is your excellent self and another.

You are to be commended for your open mind and your ability to see the issues and then to try and obtain a result in the child’s best interests and whilst that may sound quite routine and what should ordinarily be done, it in my view, rarely what happens. You are excellent. I hope you will continue to have the same amount of success that you have had to date in the future. You will no doubt win the minds of those whom you work with because of your ability and you will win hearts because of who you are.

Take care Zoe and a very big thank you for your assistance, I know the family and in particular the child would also say the same.

Dear Zoe,

It was nice to meet and work with you as Independent Children’s Lawyer and it was a pleasure. You must be able to withstand much stress doing that sort of work all the time and be as pleasant as you are.

I am sure you will continue to succeed in your career.

I really appreciate all the efforts you made.

Dear Zoe,

Thank you for all your assistance and patience with my matter.

I appreciate all your help and hope you enjoy these chocolates. Please enjoy them with your family.

I am grateful for your kindness and it will always be remembered.

Thank you and good luck with your future endeavours.

Hi Zoe,

I appreciate your diligence. Thank you for all your work, you have been extremely helpful, supportive and competent.

You are a brilliant lawyer. Thank you so much for your help and all the support. I wish you success and happiness.

I´d like just let you know things are going well and now I think everything will be ok. Thanks for your help I really appreciate your care and assistance.

Dear Zoe - Thank you again for your time and effort.

I (Counsel instructed) am really pleased with the affidavit for final hearing. It reads really well. It has a really good logical structure.

I am really happy with the affidavit for final hearing. It builds and builds and makes paints the picture well. I am really happy with it.

Thank you for all your help. I believe the outcome which you negotiated with the other party is what you told me I would probably get in the very first place.Yes, I'm a pain, but I do appreciate all your work!

Hi Zoe - Thanks for all your help in the past. If I need any assistance in the future I hope to be able to call upon you. Cheers

Hi Zoe – I am so impressed with the Affidavit for interim hearing. It all hung together so well I don’t know how you did it. All the incidents, which on their own are not major, the way you pieced them together was just brilliant.

Thank you for the contacts in France. I want to thank you again for your time yesterday and the efforts you are putting in. Once again, I really appreciate your efforts and support.

Dear Zoe – in particular thank you for your efforts and availability

I hope none of my friends, family or myself ever goes through what I went through and needs to use your help, but if they do I will definitely know who to recommend.

Dear Zoe - Thank you again for everything - it is so greatly appreciated.

Dear Zoe - Appreciate your comments and advice. Also thanks for your feedback as you were able to guess and anticipate what really I wanted to know and would ask next.

Thank you for your patience. I don't know how you can deal with similar cases every day. After finding you, I just wish you had been my first (and only) solicitor, I would have had much better understanding of the calculations in the property settlement and how they should have been done from the start.

Thanks a lot, Zoe. It’s great to have you to help with my case. If I know anyone else that needs information around family law, I will refer you to them.

Thank you so much Zoë. Meeting with you was like a godsend just appeared in front of me and told me "It's okay, you can come out now", after spending 10 years controlled and abused by my ex husband. I have had no say in my children's life and now I have the strength to fight for my freedom. Thank you so much for your help. I am really thankful. God bless you.

Dear Zoe, your approach is something that I was expecting and really missing from my previous lawyers. I didn't have to chase you but you made sure to inform me about any developments. This is something that a person in a similar situation as mine needs.

Zoe & Christine

Thanks for all your help over the past 2 years. All your help, time, effort and hard work was definitely appreciated.

Thanks for your time and advice it has been very helpful and given me a lot to think about.

I trust you and know you will do what needs to be done in relation to my matter. Thank you for your understanding. All my sincerest best wishes to you. Thank you very much ! I am so grateful!

Zoe Durand and Peter Magee set about developing a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) that was completely tailored to my situation. At first I recommended cutting and pasting from an off the shelf BFA to save money, but quickly realised that was not going to work due to the complex nature of getting them legally right. Armstrong Legal upfront negotiated a fixed fee that was higher than other law firms but to my surprise I got a bargain, not just in billable hours, but in the quality of Zoe and Peter’s advice and scrutiny they placed in producing the BFA.

The complexity of the document and the number of changes needed to satisfy myself and my partner while keeping it a strong legally incontestable document was something that I did not forecast. However Armstrong Legal kept to their word and the initial fixed fee and their responsiveness and quality has led me back to use them for other matters.

I would highly recommend using Armstrong Legal to complete a BFA due to their strong understanding of the legislation surrounding the legality of producing a legally strong binding document that should give you piece of mind that you have done everything you can to ensure that it is not contested or set aside by a court in the future.

Zoe, thanks for a great looking and good reading affidavit… I am impressed by the passion and enthusiasm which you approached my matter with and your hard work.

I am very happy with Zoe Durand's handling of my matter. She worked hard and was very energetic in expediting all relevant correspondence and documentation.

Very conscious of not incurring undue costs, she would keep our phone conversations short and to the point.

Being very personable, it was easy to communicate with her and she showed a great amount of tact and empathy in regard to some of the more delicate features of my matter.

Zoe was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the law and consistently offered excellent advice and proffered various options as to what course to follow.

During all phases of the court process and the Conciliation Conference she proved herself to be a clever tactician and a solid ally, supplying excellent advice and being great emotional support. I would unreservedly recommend her services and indeed would avail myself to them if I were in similar circumstances again.

Thank you thank you! Huge weight off my shoulders.

Thanks Zoe and in particular thanks to your paralegal assistant, Christine Faithfull, for frequently keeping me updated on my matter.

Hi Zoe, now that you are already booked to appear in Court in another matter on the day my matter is in Court, I just wish I had just made the decision earlier and secured you for that day from when we first met at the initial conference. I obviously feel the connection with you as you grasped my situation so well and have offered me such great service.

Thanks so much for doing the extra legwork. Very kind of you! Thank you so much Zoe.

Zoe, thank you. I agree with the approaches you suggested. Thank you Zoe! I treasure your advice!

Thanks for your time, I appreciated the excellent advice.

Thank you very much for your help regarding my matter involving my daughter. It was good to work with you and you were so helpful to me. I feel a lot better now.

Thanks for your help, now my matter is resolved I feel a weight off my shoulders and can't thank both you and your paralegal assistant Christine Faithfull enough.

Your time and information was undoubtedly valuable and definitely worth the investment, I really appreciate how you captured and supported my situation in such a short time. It was lovely to meet you as well and thank you for your kindness.

I would like to thank you for your amazing work as my solicitor through my extremely difficult, emotional and often unsettling divorce. Throughout the exhausting process, you explained fully, all the issues pertaining to my case in layman's terms and pointed out all options that were available to me. Moreover, the support you gave me went well beyond that of a retained divorce lawyer.

As you are aware, I have recommended several people to you and will continue to do so. I would just like to say how grateful I am for all that you have done for me and I feel blessed that you were the person who had to endure this case with me. Good luck for the future.

Zoe Durand acted as a family lawyer for me in my property settlement matter with my wife.

Throughout the entire proceedings I found her dealings with me cordial, constructive and surprisingly very relaxing and calming so much so that it was hard sometimes to believe that I was even going through a divorce and property settlement. She provided expert advice and considered all possible issues in my case, but always allowed me to decide what I felt most comfortable with, again pointing out the issues with whatever it was that I decided upon. I felt fully informed throughout the entire process. Over the period of time that I consulted with Zoe in fact she became more like a counsellor and trusted person to me.

The outcome of my matter (which involved an amicable settlement and Consent Orders outside of Court) was excellent and more than I had hoped for, and I felt that I had grown as a person. Whilst my wife and I were bitter towards each other prior to approaching Zoe, at the end of the process we became very good friends and now respect and understand each other better. Our little boy is also very happy and healthy as a result.

I have recommended Zoe and the firm Armstrong Legal to my brother who is a minister at his local Church. As a minister he is witness to many marriage break downs. To know that there are significantly better alternatives than Court and destructive adversarial cases is comforting.

Again, I cannot thank Zoe and her team of excellent lawyers enough. Should I require any further dealings in matters of family law, I would unreservedly approach Armstrong Legal, and most importantly, Zoe Durand, again.

I wish everyone at the firm all the best in the future.

I cannot find the words to express how lucky I am to have you act for me in relation to my family law matter. I can assure you I will always be grateful that you worked on my matter.

Many thanks for your professional and clear advice… Your professional response is complete and brings attention to the crucial points.

I have spoken to other (cheaper lawyers in my area) but found them to be difficult to talk to, you explained everything and were very honest.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help and the good advice that I was getting.

I value Zoe's opinion and advice

Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put in on my matter! I really appreciate the excellent job you and your team have done.

Thanks Zoe for all the wonderful work you did on my matter.

Zoe, thanks for all your help. I can now see an end to all this.

Thanks for your help with my problem. It has always been nice to have your support.

Thank you for your patience and counsel.

Thanks for all your help Zoe. You've made this difficult transition in my life, very easy!

Thank you very much for your help during this phase of my life, you and Armstrong Legal made the best of a bad situation and I thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Thanks for the excellent work on the Affidavit. It is excellent, you've done a great job and I'm very happy with it!

Thank you to you and all your staff for your ongoing support and all the tedious, time consuming work to gain the best outcome for me.

Thank you for your instructions on this matter. In particular I wish to express my appreciation to Ms Durand for the very thorough way in which she prepared the matter, in particular the affidavits of our client. I am certain that this hard work led to the Barrister instructed obtaining the favourable orders that he did.

Thank you to both of you! I truly appreciate your honesty!

Zoe - I appreciate your efforts to provide me support and your review of the other party’s proposed settlement documents.

Dear Zoe - Thank you for all your hard work and dedication…. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Zoe you are a legend I am so lucky you are on my matter. You make things happen.

You did a great job at the settlement conference. You had your plan, you stuck to it and got the other party right where we wanted in terms of percentage split.

You did such a great job. You were clear, I understood what was going on. I will definitely come back if I need you in the future. I will miss you Zoe!

I got more done with you in 1 day than with my other lawyers in 1.5 years. Finally things are moving along.

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